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I think it would be really useful to show a list of WP users that have joined the meeting and are curently in the meeting.
When running multiple meetings at once I would like to have a page with links to all the different meetings. It would be very good if we can display the list of users in the meeting next to the links as a scrolling list, maybe even a small search field where we can search to see if a particular WP user is in a particualr meeting.
This is a great feature because I use Zoom for open debate and discussions and the logged in users might have site friends in a particular room and they would like to see who is in the room before they join it. Or they are avoiding someone on the site.
Ideally a shortcode that will provide:
-Title of the meeting
-Coutndown if is not started
- Link to the meeting page (to be entered manualy)
- Maybe a banner image
- scrolling text area with all WP users in the meeting
- search field to look for a WP User (not important)

Thank you in advance