Instructor Role for Zoom WordPress Plugin

This addon enables you to integrate the Zoom WordPress plugin with the Wisdmlabs Instructor role extension for LearnDash.

It will allow the Instructors on your site to create their Zoom meetings from the dashboard and add meeting shortcodes to their respective LearnDash courses/lessons/topics/quizzes. The addon is compatible with LD 3.x.

Zoom WP Instructor Role Addon
Instructor view of the dashboard

Dashboard view for Instructor

Removes the hassle for site admin to manage the Zoom meetings. The addon will enable your instructors to create their own Zoom meetings from the backend and insert them anywhere in their courses. Instructors can only view their own meetings in the dashboard.

Let instructors manage their own meetings from the dashboard and add the meeting shortcodes to any of their preferred courses/lessons/topics/quizzes.

Instructor view of the courses

Frontend meeting view on Instructor course


  1. LearnDash
  2. WisdmLabs Instructor role extension
  3. Zoom WordPress Plugin (at least v3.3.0)
  4. Instructors should be added to your own Zoom account as Zoom users, see the below configuration steps for more details.

Configuration Steps

  1. Purchase the addon from below. you will receive a license key and plugin file via email. Upload the plugin zip file to your WP site.
  2. Add the License key to Zoom Meetings -> Extensions -> Instructor Role Addon and click activate. This will enable you to use the addon on your site.
  3. Add instructors on your WP site to your Zoom account from Zoom Meetings -> Add Users
    a) Important: Make sure you have a credit card added to your Zoom account if you are on a free plan. This is required to enable the user management feature in your Zoom account.
    b) Important: Make sure that the instructor email you add here is similar to the email of your instructor on your WP site Users -> All Users
  4. Once you add the user from here Zoom Meetings -> Add Users. Your Instructor will now receive an email to confirm the invite.
  5. The Instructor will now be able to create meetings from their dashboard as they will show up as a host in Zoom Meetings -> Add a Meeting -> Meeting Host.


There is a 15-day refund policy with the purchase. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions for the refund policy here.

What is not covered with the plugin license

  • Please note that the plugin license does not cover issues that are directly related to the Zoom web interface. These should be resolved directly with the Zoom support at or their forum.
  • The license does not cover dedicated support for enhancements in the existing features of the plugin.
  • The license does not cover resolving issues specific to your local environment/site that prevents the plugin from functioning.
  • The medium of support is limited to emails only, video-call/screen share, or remote desktop access to debug issues or answer questions is not supported.
  • The license does not cover debugging issues related to the plugin on your local system. You will need to provide WP admin and FTP access to your live or staging site to allow us to debug problems on your end.
What is covered with the plugin license
  • Support for fixing generic issues that prevent the plugin from functioning properly on your site, given that the issue is not specific to your environment and could be reproduced on a live or staging server with a fresh WordPress install.
  • Automatic plugin updates from your WordPress backend.
  • The mode of support is limited to email only.

How Many Sites Can I Use My License Key On?

  1. A Non Multisite License: One active and valid subscription key can be used on one active site only. We classify each “site” as an activation URL.
    • Subdomains are separate sites – a key activated for does not cover
    • Sub-directory sites are separate sites – a key activated for does not cover
  2. A Multisite License: A multi-site license is suitable for a single WP multisite network where you can enable automatic updates for any no.of subsites on your network. Here are the necessary steps to configure it properly:
    • The plugin must be Network Activate by super admins to activate it across the multisite network.
    • The multisite license key MUST be added to the "main site" of the multisite network to enable network-wide automatic updates.
Detailed Terms and Conditions
Reach out to us here in case of any issues.

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