LearnDash Custom Development

LearnDash Developers play a crucial role in maximizing the capabilities of your e-learning platform. While LearnDash offers a range of valuable features, creating a truly tailored and unique LMS site often requires custom development based on your specific use cases and requirements.

LearnDash custom development allows you to craft and implement specific features that align perfectly with your educational goals. This specialized development not only seamlessly integrates with LearnDash LMS but also elevates the existing feature set.

We’ve supported various LearnDash users through custom development, and we’re available to assist you in creating something tailored to your preferences.

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    LearnDash Developers

    We’ve created a list of handpicked LearnDash consultants based on positive reviews from the most popular and vibrant community group on Facebook, LearnDash LMS Tips & Tricks. This can help you find the best one because it’s tricky to effectively utilize a plugin and handle the technical issues that pop up from time to time.

    Ryk Melck

    Ryk Melck has been one of the top contributors to the LearnDash community group. He has helped tons of people in the community through his knowledge, problem-solving skills, and his dedication, and excellent customer service.

    Dave Warfel

    Dave is the design genius of the LearnDash community. He has helped tons of people with their design-specific issues. He is also the author of the plugin Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash.

    LearnDash Developer

    Adeel Raza

    A passionate LearnDash LMS developer with extensive knowledge and experience working with custom LearnDash development. Adeel has proven his love for LearnDash with some useful contributions to the LMS community via Adaptive Learning with LearnDashmyCRED LearnDash Integration addon, and a fairly recent one LeanrDash Student Voice. You can check his recommendations on our site here.

    Dennis Hall

    Dennis is a seasoned LMS planner and developer with many plugins that fix or add custom functionality to LMS plugins. He is passionate about helping organizations improve performance through Learning System Technologies.

    Ellen Martin

    Ellen is another prominent name for LearnDash customization help, she aims to help experts and entrepreneurs launch transformative courses with her CourseLauncher Platform. She has received great reviews from the LearnDash community and can be a reliable expert for your LearnDash project.


    Awais Raza

    Awais has been been involved in building LearnDash-related websites ranging from very small sites to sites that made substantial recurring revenue.
    He builds websites for course creators, training organizations, and course marketplaces and even built internal training systems for fortune 500 companies.