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Adeel Raza Speaker WordCamp2019 in Karachi

Adeel Raza Speaker WordCamp2019 in Karachi

eLearning evolve is a passion-driven Edtech startup that provides specialized WordPress and LearnDash LMS development service. We believe in the power of progressive education and love to enhance the learning experience through technology. We also believe, that quality education should be accessible to the masses. In this regard, we recommend LearnDash LMS to our clients as the best option for a fully customizable LMS where you have absolute command over all aspects of the system.

About the Founder

Having a 7 years of experience with web development, there is something that made me take a special interest in education and dedicate myself to LMS development with LearnDash and nothing made me as excited as working on an LMS, maybe because I could express my ideas through the “language of code”. This is Adeel, author of LearnDash Student Voice & Adaptive Learning with LearnDash and the popular LearnDash myCRED integration addon & WordPress Zoom Integration. I have been a contributer to the popular WordPress gamification plugin called BadgeOS while working with a remote renown WordPress startup called WooNinjas.


Justin Ferriman (CEO and Founder LearnDash),

Congrats to Adeel Raza for releasing “Adaptive Learning With LearnDash“… Very cool! –

Justin Ferriman (CEO and Founder LearnDash), LearnDash

Adeel is beyond awesome! He is the most responsive developer of a free plugin I have ever seen and knows what he is doing. He has released more releases in one week of a plugin than most people do in years.

I can’t wait to keep working with him and I encourage everyone to support development of his plugin to make sure that his hard work and dedication and just pure skill are rewarded and compensated.

Thank you Adeel for everything you do for us!

Brian Fritton CEO Havoc Shield

Just wanted to take a moment to recognize Adeel Raza for his excellent work. I hired Adeel for a few complex requirements working with not only LearnDash but a number of other related plugins that needed to be extended. His work was fast, up to WordPress standards, well-tested, and done at a fair price. He’s also extremely communicative and flexible.
I’d recommend him to anyone with serious LearnDash customization needs.

Brian Fritton, Havoc Shield
Steve Dimmick

I have recently worked with Adeel Raza to get some custom work achieved with LearnDash.
He did an excellent job and I will be using his talents on future projects for sure.
If you need help or customization’s with LearnDash I highly recommend contacting Adeel

Steve Dimmick, Bookthority.com
Pablo Illingworth

Thanks Adeel Raza your professional help was incredible and so fast. thanks for your help.

Pablo Illingworth, Neurobecorp
Asaf Epshtain

I downloaded and tried Adeel Raza Zoom Integration plugin, and it works perfect.
I had some issues with its settings (mainly because of me), and Adeel was very helpful and even updated the plugin on the go to fit my needs (RTL support and Hebrew translation, that I sent him). I started offering this plugin to my clients, and they are very keen about it.

Great job here, Adeel

Asaf Epshtain, Owner at Site Success

Adeel is a very talented developer who always likes to be at the cutting edge of innovation. I feel that at this young age Adeel has already achieved a lot in terms of skill set and will only get better with his peak far away at this point in time. On a personal level, he is extremely dedicated, honest and understanding which make him an ideal member for any team

Ali Zaidi (CEO), ZEPCOM

So Here’s the Background Story

It all started in 2012 while I was going through my bachelor’s for computer science from one of the most popular University in my town named NED University. I had a very high expectation from the university in terms of the quality of education. But, after the first week of my program, I was so disappointed to witness the state of education in one of the most popular universities. The obsolete methods of teaching, technological backwardness, unrevised & years-old curriculum, focus on rote learning rather than understanding and experimenting & a completely illogical and impractical system of education started frustrating me by each passing day. It was very difficult for me to cope up with this environment so I started working professionally in the very early days of my program because I was sure that this kind of education will lead nowhere. It was very difficult for me to manage a full-time job with University studies. Also, I was disrespected and looked down upon by teachers for my low attendance and lack of interest in the studies. This leads me to further alienate myself from the educational environment and focus more on my professional career as a web developer.

Thankfully my frustration guided me towards the quest of a better and progressive education model. It made me question the fundamentals of our traditional education system and I landed upon a very popular TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson.

Through that talk I learned about the modern Finnish Education System and to witness something I only dreamed of was a breathtaking revelation.
I became obsessed with it and did extensive research on this model. I then compiled a document based on my findings and wanted to present this to the higher authorities of my university. However, I knew that they won’t take it seriously if I just simply hand over a document to read-through.

The years upon years of my frustration with this traditional education system & humiliation by the system gave me the strength to take an extreme step at the very end of my University program. I wanted the higher authorities to notice what I wanted to say. Hence, I ended up purposefully failing myself in the very last paper which was my final day of the 4 year degree programme. In the notes, I mentioned that I want to share something important with the higher authorities and left the exam room in utter disgust. However, the outcome was quite opposite to what I expected. Everyone was least concerned about what I did and they just simply ignored it as a naive and trivial act of outrage. I was given an F grade in that paper and therefore, wasn’t able to complete my degree.

My Dream for a Better Education System

Fast forward, 2 years later I realized that my approach was not correct at that time. Hence, I cleared my paper and got the degree so I could develop my skills as a teacher and change the traditional model by being inside the learning environment.

Today, I help educators, coaches, teachers and field experts to build their own Learning Management System(LMS) using WordPress & LearnDash. Thereby, combining technology with education to make it scalable, flexible, accessible to masses & at par with 21st-century learning methodology.
I am teaching coding to kids at an elementary school which is based on the Finnish education model and doing a UK Certified Humanistic Counselling Level 3 course  due to my increasing interest in understanding how the human psyche works.

I continually dream of a day where a natural and progressive model of education would replace the traditional toxic model that is currently in place.

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If you want me to help you out with LMS development on WordPress, reach me out here. I will be glad to transform your eLearning platform into something that your students love and enjoy.

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