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The plugin users reported issues with navigating lengthy Zoom recording videos with the plugin. Additionally, Zoom does not recommend embedding their cloud recording video directly on the site.
Zoom WordPress Plugin v4.12.0 adds the support for Vimeo as an alternate option to display Zoom cloud recording videos. A third-party plugin WP Vimeo Videos by Codeverve is required to enable the Vimeo option.

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Vimeo Addon for Zoom WordPress Plugin

After setting up the prerequisite plugin, select the Vimeo option in the plugin settings to display the Zoom cloud recordings via Vimeo. Once you toggle the plugin setting, the cloud recordings will now be uploaded automatically to your Vimeo account after the meeting ended. Please note that the event subscription setup is required for this automation.


The Zoom meeting recordings will now display directly from Vimeo instead of the Zoom cloud. This enables you to utilize all the enhanced privacy options and features offered by Vimeo plans apart from their free basic membership.


  1. Zoom WordPress Plugin (at least v4.12.0)
  2. WP Vimeo Video Plugin (free version is sufficient, use pro version for more features)
  3. A Vimeo account (free version is sufficient, pro plans for more features)


How to ensure the privacy of my meeting recording video2021-02-16T21:43:48-06:00

The basic Vimeo membership does not allow any privacy options for the video. However, if you upgrade your Vimeo account to Plus or above then, the plugin will use all the privacy-related options offered by Vimeo namely:
1) Hide the uploaded video from vimeo.com so it cannot be directly viewed on Vimeo even if the link is shared.
2) Protect the video from being embedded on any other site except your own WP site through the Vimeo Domain-level privacy feature.
3) Remove the share button and Vimeo logo from the embedded video.

Hence, your recording video will only be accessible on the meeting page of your own site.

View the list of uploaded vidoes and embed a single Vimeo video2021-01-27T01:34:29-06:00

You can view the list of videos uploaded to Vimeo in the WP dashboard under Media -> Vimeo. You can also embed a single video by copying the text from the Embed column and adding to your preferred WP page.

Meeting recordings are not uploaded to Vimeo after meeting end2021-01-27T01:34:37-06:00

Please check if the plugin gas encountered any errors during the upload process under Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Error Logs

The video uploaded to Vimeo says “Sorry This video will be available for viewing shortly.”2021-02-10T14:53:48-06:00

There is a delay from the Vimeo end on a Basic plan when the video is uploaded. Please wait a little while for video processing. If you want to speed up this process then you can consider upgrading to a paid Vimeo plan.

After Video upload on Basic Vimeo plan

After Video upload on Basic Vimeo plan

Are the previously scheduled meeting recordings also uploaded to Vimeo2021-06-14T14:41:57-05:00

Yes. The plugin executes a daily cron job and checks for all the past meeting recordings of all the Zoom users present in your account. It will upload the recording video to Vimeo if it has not been uploaded already by the plugin.

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WP Vimeo Videos for Zoom WordPress Plugin
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  1. Meredith McGriff 19th October 2021 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    We are having an issue where meeting recordings are not uploaded to Vimeo after the meeting ends. Your FAQs say “Please check if the plugin gas encountered any errors during the upload process under Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Error Logs” But we cannot find the Error Logs. Can you please help?

    • Adeel 23rd October 2021 at 5:22 am - Reply

      Responded via email.

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