Zoom WordPress Plugin

Create your Zoom meetings from the WordPress dashboard and conduct meetings directly on your WordPress page by simply using a shortcode. The Zoom WordPress plugin gives you the ability to conduct on-site Zoom meetings without the need for downloading the Zoom App.

Note: This Zoom WordPress plugin is an early fork of the “Video Conferencing with Zoom” plugin developed by Deepen Bajracharya. It can not be used simultaneously with that plugin.

Now let’s dig into the features that are bundled with this Zoom WordPress plugin

Zoom Meeting & Webinar Embed

This plugin allows your website users to join the meeting straight from your WordPress page. A Join via Zoom App button is also displayed above the meeting window in case, the user is not able to Join via Web on their specific device or browser. Check the limitations of the plugin for more info. You can embed the Zoom meeting window on any page/post with a simple Gutenberg block or from the classic WordPress editor. The plugin also allows you to display Zoom Webinars on your WP site. Here is a step-by-step guide to setup them.

Zoom Meeting Countdown

You can schedule your Zoom meetings from the WordPress dashboard via this plugin and users will see a countdown timer on the page where the shortcode is added before the meeting starts.

Zoom WordPress Plugin Meeting Countdown

Zoom Web SDK Features across Web & Mobile browsers

You can use all the features offered by the Zoom Web SDK across the web and mobile browsers i.e

  • Joining the conference via phone.
  • Ability to computer share audio and video.
  • Lock the meeting via the Zoom option and prevent other participants to join.
  • Manage participants: mute, remove, invite participants.
  • Live chat: private and group chat.
  • Allow screen share for only the host or all participants.
  • Full-screen distraction-free mode.
  • Request Remote Control.
  • Closed Captioning.
  • Webinar Q&A
  • Zoom Breakout Rooms
  • Polling in Meetings
  • Live Transcription Zoom video conference WordPress with Char

Watch Past Meeting Recordings

Once the meeting ends and the cloud recording is available for the meeting, the users will be able to watch the latest recording or choose from recordings for up to 1 month for the particular meeting. More on this here.

Zoom Meetings Listing

View the Zoom Meetings under each of your Zoom hosts. See the status of your meetings and start or end the meeting from the WordPress dashboard.

Zoom WP Meetings List

Make your Meetings Secure

The plugin will allow you to set a meeting password while creating the meeting from the WordPress dashboard. This option can be very useful if you want only specific users to join the meeting.

Zoom WP meeting password

Restrict Meeting page to logged-in users

There is also an option to restrict the meeting page access to users who are logged into your WordPress site with the enforce login check.

Zoom WP login restriction

Auto Join & Auto End Meeting Mode

The plugin can be configured to allow the logged-in WP user to join the Zoom meeting automatically on page load. This can make your user experience a breeze. There is also an option to end the meeting automatically after the meeting duration(that is set from the meeting create/edit page).

Zoom WP Plugin Auto Join Mode

Multiple Zoom Hosts

You can add multiple Zoom users to your Zoom account from the plugin menu Zoom Meetings -> Add Zoom User. This will enable you to allow multiple hosts to conduct their own meetings simultaneously on your site. Read more about the multi-host configuration here.

Multi Host Configuration Zoom WordPress Plugin

Zoom Meeting/Webinar Reports

If you are on a Pro or higher level Zoom account you can access the Zoom Meeting/Webinar reports from the plugin under Zoom Meetings -> Reports. The reports include your past Zoom Meetings/Webinars for a specified period of time and a detailed participants’ report for each instance.

Sync Zoom Events on WordPress

The plugin is synced with the below Zoom events. It will listen to these events and sync the changes on your WP site even if these actions are performed outside of your WordPress site i.e via the Zoom web interface or Zoom App.

  • Start & end event (used for Auto End meeting after the set meeting duration from the start & show meeting status)
  • Create – update – delete events(syncs the configuration changes on your WP site)
  • Cloud recording ready event(shows the latest cloud recording for the meeting or webinar on frontend as soon as it’s available by Zoom)
  • Zoom user create – update – delete events(syncs the configuration changes on your WP site)


  • Compatible with latest WordPress version and LearnDash 3, the most trusted WordPress LMS plugin with an awesome and vibrant commnity on Facebook
  • Enables direct integration of Zoom on WordPress
  • Enables all video conferencing features available in the Zoom Web SDK
  • Provides shortcode to conduct the meeting on any WordPress page/post or custom post type like a LearnDash course page
  • Separate Admin area to manage all meetings
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets. (support for IOS devices is not available because of Apple’s policy to prevent crosssite tracking)
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite
  • Syncs Zoom events on your WP site via the Zoom WebHooks
  • A 15-day refund policy with the purchase. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions for the refund policy here.

IMPORTANT: Prerequisite

To use this plugin you will first need to obtain the API KEY and API SECRET KEY from Zoom. Follow this guide to get these values from your Zoom account to enter them on the plugin settings page


  1. Join via Web does not work on IOS devices. Therefore, the plugin provides a Join via the App button above the meeting window for such users.
  2. The plugin only allows you to create Zoom Meetings from the WordPress Dashboard. You cannot create Zoom Webinars via the plugin. But you can enter the Webinar ID of existing Webinars(created from your Zoom account) in the plugin shortcode to allow users to join the Webinar from the frontend. Please check Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Using Shortcode for using the shortcode for a Zoom webinar.
  3. This plugin uses the Zoom Web SDK and can only support the features available in it. The features that are specific to the Zoom App can not be supported by this plugin. Please make sure you view the browser support and feature limitations for the Web version.


See all the plugin FAQ here

Recent updates

See all the important updates related to the plugin here

Working Demo

Want to see the plugin in action? We’ve got that covered too!

  1. See how it works on a regular WordPress page.
  2. See demo in LearnDash LMS focus mode.


There is a 15-day refund policy with the purchase. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions for the refund policy here.

What is not covered with the plugin license

  • The plugin license does not cover issues that are directly related to the Zoom web interface. These should be resolved directly with Zoom support at developersupport@zoom.us or their forum.
  • The license does not cover dedicated support for enhancements in the existing features of the plugin.
  • The license does not cover resolving issues specific to your local environment/site that prevents the plugin from functioning.
  • The medium of support is limited to emails only, video-call/screen share, or remote desktop access to debug issues or answer questions is not supported.
  • The license does not cover debugging issues related to the plugin on your local system. You will need to provide WP admin and FTP access to your live or staging site to allow us to debug problems on your end.
What is covered with the plugin license?
  • Supports fixing generic issues that prevent the plugin from functioning properly on your site, given that the issue is not specific to your environment and could be reproduced on a live or staging server with a fresh WordPress install.
  • Automatic plugin updates from your WordPress backend.
  • The mode of support is limited to email only.

How Many Sites Can I Use My License Key On?

  1. A Non Multisite License: One active and valid subscription key can be used on one active site only. We classify each “site” as an activation URL.
    • Subdomains are separate sites – a key activated for https://docs.elearningevolve.com does not cover https://elearningevolve.com
    • Sub-directory sites are separate sites – a key activated for https://elearningevolve.com/site1 does not cover https://elearningevolve.com/site2
    • You can use a Basic, Pro, or Ultimate license for subsite(s) of a multi-site network if you don't need a network-wide activation of the plugin.
  2. A Multisite License: A multi-site license is suitable for a single WP multisite network where you can enable automatic updates for any no. of subsites on your network. Here are the necessary steps to configure it properly:
    • The plugin must be Network Activate by super admins to activate it across the multisite network.
    • The multisite license key MUST be added to the "main site" of the multisite network to enable network-wide automatic updates.
Detailed Terms and Conditions
Reach out to us here in case of any issues.
Trial 7 days trial for 1 WP site
  • $5.00 /7 days
  • * 7-day trial license on a single WP site and automatic updates for the same duration
  • * Fast email support for inquires and bug reports
  • * The trial charge is NON-REFUNDABLE
  • * Does not renew automatically
  • Subject to the *Terms of Purchase
Basic License for 1 WP site + 1 dev site
  • $69.00 /Per year
  • * 1 year of bug fixes support and automatic updates on a single site + 1 dev site
  • * Fast email support for inquires and bug reports
  • * 15-day money back guarantee subject to the refund policy
  • * Does not renew automatically
  • Subject to the *Terms of Purchase
Pro License for 3 different WP sites
  • $89.00 /Per year
  • * 1 year of bug fixes support and automatic updates on a maximum of 3 single sites
  • * Fast email support for inquires and bug reports
  • * 15-day money back guarantee subject to the refund policy
  • * Does not renew automatically
  • Subject to the *Terms of Purchase
Ultimate License for 10 different WP sites
  • $119.00 /Per year
  • * 1 year of bug fixes support and automatic updates on a maximum of 10 single sites
  • * Fast email support for inquires and bug reports
  • * 15-day money back guarantee subject to the refund policy
  • * Does not renew automatically
  • Subject to the *Terms of Purchase
Multisite License for 1 WP Multisite Network
  • $139.00 /Per year
  • * 1 year of bug fixes support and automatic updates for all subsites on a single WP Multisite Network
  • * Fast email support for inquires and bug reports
  • * 15-day money back guarantee subject to the refund policy
  • * Does not renew automatically
  • Subject to the *Terms of Purchase

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Zoom WordPress Plugin
Average rating:  
 26 reviews
by Karen C on Zoom WordPress Plugin
This plugin has freed up my time!

This plugin has freed up my time! I can set a zoom meeting from the WP dashboard, with the recording uploaded to Vimeo and automatically available for review. I initially had some problems getting it to work, but Adeel wasted no time in sorting it out for me. Thank you for your help Adeel!

by Milt Friedman on Zoom WordPress Plugin
Great plugin

The plugin works great. Met all of our requirements and was super easy to install and configure. We see a lot of use for this great embedded Zoom plugin, worth every penny.

by Ben on Zoom WordPress Plugin
Best Zoom WordPress Plugin

Super plugin, with many possibilities. I had a small problem using it, but was fixed incredibly quickly (< 1 h).
Highly recommended!

by Christos sideris on Zoom WordPress Plugin

Best support ever. Average time of reply 30 minutes. Resolved issues on my end in less than 1 hour.
The plug-in is the best in terms of Wordpress and Zoom integration.

by Randy on Zoom WordPress Plugin
Great Plugin

This plugin is exactly what we needed to integrate Zoom directly into our website so our members would enjoy a complete in-house experience without having to open the Zoom app or browser. It is well made and quite versatile.

by Brandon Mwendo on Zoom WordPress Plugin

This plugin has been a lifesaver and a huge piece in launching our virtual platform. I don't know who else is integrating Zoom like this but it is top notch. Service is incredible when things go wrong in updates and there is very dedicated staff. Can't express how much I love this plugin !

by Ryan Shah on Zoom WordPress Plugin
The BEST Zoom plug-in for Wordpress out there

I tried all the Zoom plugins that were available on the Wordpress plugin store but none of them functioned to my client's liking and had all the necessary features like this plugin had! Recurring meetings work like a charm with the plugin extension and if I had any questions on changing the CSS button colors or anything, the developer got back to me with solutions in less than 24 hours. I can't recommend this plugin enough, well worth the yearly price and will be using this plugin across any of my future client's Zoom needs.

The countdown timer works perfectly as well and have had 0 issues so far and installation took less than 5-10 minutes. Thanks so much!

by Suram on Zoom WordPress Plugin
A versatile Zoom plug in

Installation was a breeze. Very intuitive UI, brain-friendly interface, well thought through, and truly functional. A great experience.

by Richard Duncan on Zoom WordPress Plugin
The Best Zoom Integration Plugin Available & Stellar Service

I have tested multiple solutions (free and paid) for integrating Zoom sessions into our websites and into our LearnDash platform and none of the others come close to the features and support provided by Adeel at eLearning. Frequent updates, prompt responses to issues and superb programming make these plugins the best Zoom integrations available.

by Nick on Zoom WordPress Plugin
Very good plugin and support

This is a really useful plugin, very nicely conceptualised but most importantly the developer is friendly and responsive, rapidly adding useful new features when requested.

Thanks so much Adeel.

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