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September 20, 2023

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Fellow LearnDash Enthusiast, Welcome to our new LearnDash support community!

We are driven by independent early LearnDash contributors committed to helping you conquer technical challenges to enhance your LearnDash experience. Our mission is to offer guidance and solutions for your queries, recognizing that setting up and customizing your own LMS with LearnDash can be a daunting task.

However, we offer more than just support. We aspire to create an inclusive space for contributors where they can:

  • Share their insights and ideas about LearnDash
  • Spotlight their LearnDash-related projects and innovations
  • Gain valuable community feedback on their contributions
  • Proudly Showcase their latest LearnDash enhancements

Unleash the Power of LearnDash, Together

Our group's mission is simple: to be there for you, the LearnDash user. We're not the official LearnDash team, think of us as early LearnDash contributors who are passionate about fostering a supportive, community driven space within the LearnDash ecosystem.

Explore the LearnDash Support Group

Be part of a warm community of e-learning enthusiasts, don't hesitate to dive into our LearnDash LMS Support Group.

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