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Adeel Raza Speaker WordCamp2019 in Karachi

Adeel Raza Speaker WordCamp2019 in Karachi

Having a decade-long experience with web development, there came a major turning point in my life that shifted all my attention towards progressive education models. I took a special interest in enhancing education by creating advanced eLearning tools.
I can now express my ideas through the “language of code”. This is Adeel, author of LearnDash Student Voice, Adaptive Learning with LearnDash & co-author of the Zoom WordPress Plugin & Video Conferencing with BBB.

My mission is,

"to lead innovation in the e-learning space and serve academia with tools that ease the lives of management, teachers and students, alike."

I help educators, coaches, teachers, and field experts combine technology with education to make it scalable, flexible, accessible to the masses & at par with 21st-century learning methodology.

So Here's the Background Story

It all started in 2012 while I was going through my bachelor's in computer science from one of the most popular Universities in my town named NED University. I had a very high expectation from the university in terms of the quality of education. But, after the first week of my program, I was so disappointed to witness the state of education in one of the most popular universities. The obsolete methods of teaching, technological backwardness, unrevised & years-old curriculum, focus on rote learning rather than understanding and experimenting & a completely illogical and impractical system of education started frustrating me with each passing day. It was very challenging for me to cope with this environment, so I started working professionally in the very early days of my program because I was sure that this kind of education would lead nowhere. It was tough for me to manage a full-time job with University studies. Also, I was disrespected and looked down upon by teachers for my low attendance and lack of interest in my studies. This leads me to further alienate myself from the educational environment and focus more on my professional career as a web developer.

Thankfully my frustration guided me towards the quest for a better and progressive education model. It made me question the fundamentals of our traditional education system, and I landed upon a very popular TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson.

Through that talk, I learned about the modern Finnish Education System and to witness something I only dreamed of was a breathtaking revelation. I became obsessed with it and did extensive research on this model. I then compiled a document based on my findings.

My Dream for a Better Education System

Today, I help educators, coaches, teachers, and field experts to build their own Learning Management System(LMS) using WordPress & LearnDash. Thereby, combining technology with education to make it scalable, flexible, accessible to the masses & at par with 21st-century learning methodology. I am teaching coding to kids at an elementary school which is based on the Finnish education model and doing a UK Certified Humanistic Counselling Level 3 course due to my increasing interest in understanding how the human psyche works.

I continually dream of a day where a natural and progressive model of education will replace the traditional toxic model that is currently in place.

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