Hosting Virtual Classroom for WordPress

Virtual Classroom for WordPress is our premium plugin to turn your WordPress site into an interactive Virtual Classroom using the open-source video conferencing software BigBlueButton. BBB requires a hosting server that can be connected to our plugin. The majority of BBB hosting solutions charge a hefty monthly amount that can be very inconvenient if you have low monthly usage with fewer meeting hours.

We have partnered with which is a reliable BBB hosting to offer a cost-effective & reliable solution.
Their BBBHost.Cloud offers a pay-per-usage model and fixed hourly pricing. The small plan for up to 60 users will only cost you $1.25/per hour.

Virtual Classroom With BBB Self Hosting

BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing system that can be hosted and installed on your server, you can follow this guide for the setup. You can set up this software on your server and enter the Endpoint and Secret credentials in the plugin to connect it to your server. Our partnering hosting company also provides a one-time self-hosting setup on your server.

However, we emphasize opting for a managed BigBlueButton hosting service so they can look after the technical issues that pop up from time to time, and give you a hassle-free experience.

Virtual Classroom With BBB Hosting Providers (Monthly Pricing)

The monthly pricing packages are suitable for you if the no.of online meeting hours each month is significant and you have extensive usage. In that case, please review our recommended hosting providers list.

Virtual Classroom With BBBHost.Cloud (Pay-per-usage)

  • BBBHost.Cloud is an independent platform offered by The BBB software is hosted on the cloud and can be easily managed in the form of instances without the need for any technical know-how.
  • The first step is to signup on to their platform. This will enable you to create your BBB instances on the cloud.
  • A test instance allows you to use their hosting without any payment. You can start the test instance from here and join the BBB room on your site via our plugin.
  • After you signup proceed to the dashboard and navigate to the Test instances.
  • Click View Instance to open the details.

Start Test Instance

  • Each time that you want to test the plugin with a test instance you will have to start the instance from this screen. The test instance stops automatically after 2 hours.
  • Test instance credentials i.e (EndPoint URL & Shared Secret/Salt) that are required to connect to an instance are already prefilled in our Virtual Classroom plugin. Recheck that the credentials here match the ones entered in the plugin settings. Please make sure that you start the BBB room after the test instance is successfully started else you will not be able to join the room and receive a 404 error on joining.
  • Once you are confident with experimenting with test instances on your staging site now, is the time to go for the Live instances for your production site.
  • Head over to My instances and click Create Instance. Fill in the details as per your preference and make sure you enable the iFrame Embedding option to allow the Pro plugin same page join feature to work.
  • Again click View instance on your new Live instance to view the credentials that should be added to the plugin to connect with this instance.
  • Click Build on the instance page. This is required only for the first time.
  • Now, click Start Intsnace after the Build is complete. You will have to start the instance again from here after it is stopped after your defined time duration.
  • Once the instance is started copy the Endpoint URL & the Secret and add them to the plugin settings to connect this instance with the plugin.
  • After this step, you should be able to use this instance on your production site.
  • IMPORTANT: After you have used the BBB rooms for your meeting please make sure that you stop the instance and delete it immediately if you will not use the meeting room anytime soon. The instance that is running or even not deleted will be charged on hourly bases on the cloud platform. You can restore the instance from the same page after you have deleted it.

That's all, you should be up and running with our Virtual Classroom for WordPress plugin with the BBBHost.Cloud platform after completing these steps!

Disclaimer: eLearning evolve is not associated with the above-mentioned BBBHost.Cloud hosting. We have partnered with this company to offer a convenient solution to our plugin users. We recommend you do your due diligence before buying any of their plans.

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