Zoom WordPress Plugin FAQ2021-03-18T15:50:17+05:00

Zoom WordPress Plugin FAQ

Cannot access webinar info2022-10-26T08:17:22+05:00

If you see this error Cannot access webinar info on your webinar frontend page then please make sure you have added the extra is_webinar=1 parameter in the Zoom meeting shortcode when embedding Webinar on your pages e.g [zoom_api_link meeting_id='{your_webinar_id}' is_webinar=1]

See more options to embed the Webinar using the Gutenberg block in this post.

Why is there a 40-min time limit on my meetings2022-03-23T04:53:04+05:00

The 40-min limitation is from the Zoom end for free Zoom accounts, the plugin has no control over this. See Zoom account plans for more plans that could override this restriction.

Is it possible that the user could start meetings without WP backend access2022-03-21T12:15:12+05:00

There is an option in the plugin to map Zoom hosts to WP users. Here you can map your Zoom account user with the WP user that can have meeting host access.
Once the user is mapped when they click Join via Web from the meeting page they will be able to join the meeting as a Zoom host & able to start the meeting without the WP admin access but the user MUST be logged in to your site using their WP user account, this is needed to identify the user as the host, if the user is not even logged in to your site then, there is no way to achieve this.

The page crashed/resources unable to load or Gallery view not working after clicking Join via Web2023-05-03T00:33:32+05:00

Please follow the Chrome Origin Trials method to generate your token. You don't need to add any meta tags or customize anything.

Only copy the token from your Chrome account and add it to Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Setup -> SharedArrayBuffers Token

The detailed solution for this problem is described in this blog post.

How to prevent Zoom recording videos from being downloaded2021-08-03T14:10:32+05:00

To prevent Zoom recording videos from being downloaded by your users consider switching to the Vimeo recording option offered by the Zoom plugin. Once the recording videos are served from Vimeo it will not be possible for users to download it even if you are using the Basic Free Vimeo plan. You can read more on this here.

Your browser doesn't support using computer's Audio device, please upgrade your browser to the latest version2022-10-12T00:05:14+05:00

Please check if your site is using the HTTPS version because the Audio/Video does not work on an HTTP site i.e http://example.com rather it should be https://example.com
If you still see this error inside the Zoom meeting window then, make sure you are using a supported browser and check plugin limitations.

How to conduct multiple Zoom meetings simultaneously by embedding them on different pages on one web site2021-06-21T12:29:02+05:00

You will only need a Basic plugin license if you want to use it on a single WordPress site. However, you will have to add multiple Zoom hosts to your Zoom account and let each host conduct their own meeting as Zoom does not allow a single host to conduct multiple meetings simultaneously. This guide will help you to configure it.

Is 720p video resolution for Zoom video available in the plugin2022-10-11T23:59:29+05:00

Yes, but with some limitations from Zoom. The 720p resolution support is with video for only 2 participants. See detailed Zoom requirements here.

The email column in participants report section is empty for Zoom Meetings2021-06-14T14:05:24+05:00

This is a limitation from the Zoom end. Please view this thread for more info.

What are the issues that are beyond the scope of the plugin and where to report them2021-03-18T15:49:47+05:00

The issues that are directly related to the Zoom Web SDK or the Zoom APIs are beyond the control of the plugin.
You can report such issues directly on the Zoom dev forum in the Web SDK section.

Is there a way for people to view the Zoom meeting without having to join the meeting2021-03-18T15:36:46+05:00

Zoom meeting recordings can be displayed on the meeting shortcode page after the meeting ends. There are 2 options.

  1. You can display the recording directly from the Zoom cloud.
  2. You can display the recording from Vimeo once the recording video is uploaded automatically at the end of the meeting. You will require this addon for Vimeo setup.
Can I host multiple/simultaneous Zoom meetings2021-03-26T07:40:42+05:00

Yes, if you set a different host for each of your Zoom meetings then each of your hosts can conduct their own meeting simultaneously. See this blog post for more info.
However, Zoom does not allow a single meeting host to conduct multiple meetings at the same time.

How can I create a Zoom meeting with no password2021-06-04T08:58:24+05:00

There are 2 prerequisites to achieve this.
1) You will need to have a Pro-level Zoom account to be able to disable the password option.
2) The waiting room option will be enabled automatically when you disable the password, this is a restriction from the Zoom end.

After this, you can disable the meeting passcode option in your Zoom account for your specified meeting host. Consequently, the plugin will not show the password field if the meeting password is not set.

Audio/Video not working in Zoom meeting2021-03-18T15:45:45+05:00

Please check this post for details on the Audio/Video issues in Zoom meeting

I want to increase the width of zoom screen on my web page. Is it poossible to have a wider appearance?2021-02-06T16:55:19+05:00

You will have to add the meeting shortcode on a page that is full width and it will auto adapt to the available space on the page.

Is there a way to see the "participants grid/gallery view" where we can see all of them instead of one at its time2021-01-24T13:03:33+05:00

Zoom does not allow the gallery view in its web version. This feature is currently specific to the Zoom App.

How can I disable the No-cache parameter added to my meeting page URLs2020-12-31T20:12:43+05:00

You can disable this from Zoom Meetings-> Settings -> Configuration -> Disable Nocache Mode. Please make sure you exclude the meeting pages from being cached on your site after you disable this mode from the plugin.

Can I use a non multi site license for subsite(s) of a multi site network2020-12-21T15:14:06+05:00

Yes, you can use a Basic, Pro, or Ultimate license for subsite(s) of a multi-site network if you don't need a network-wide activation of the plugin.

Is polling feature available in the Zoom meeting2020-12-24T17:30:39+05:00

Yes, support for polling has been added in the Zoom Web SDK v1.8.5 update and made available in v4.11.0 of the plugin.

Is language interpretation available in this plugin2020-12-24T17:31:21+05:00

Yes, support for live interpretation has been added in the Zoom Web SDK v1.8.5 update and made available in v4.11.0 of the plugin.

Is there a full money-back guarantee incase the plugin does not work out for me2020-09-25T06:47:22+05:00

Yes, there is a 15-day refund policy with the purchase. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions for the refund policy here.

Is it possible to host concurrent Zoom Meetings on WordPress2020-09-25T00:49:44+05:00

Zoom does not allow a single host to conduct multiple meetings at the same time. However. you can create separate hosts for each meeting and each host can conduct "their own" meeting simultaneously. Please check this blog to learn about the multi-host configuration with the plugin.

Meeting time change in the Zoom App does not updated countdown timer on WordPress2020-09-24T11:27:38+05:00

if you have set up the events subscription properly then the changes from Zoom App should be reflected in your WP site else you can also click Sync Zoom Meetings after selecting the meeting host from the dropdown and it should clear the cache on the WP site and update as per the changes in the Zoom App.

Is Zoom breakout rooms feature supported in this plugin2020-12-24T17:29:39+05:00

Yes, the support for breakout rooms has been added in the Zoom Web SDK v1.8.5 that is available with the plugin version 4.11.0

Is there a way you can allow users to join a Zoom meeting directly without the need to enter their details and click Join via Web2020-11-19T19:54:43+05:00

You can enable the Auto Join mode from Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Configuration. This will hide the input fields and take your logged-in WP users straight to the Zoom meeting window. If the user is not logged in to their WordPress account they will have to fill out the fields in order to join the meeting.

Leave empty the password field for meeting but a new password appears when I save it2020-09-11T15:26:31+05:00

Please disable this option in your Zoom account

How to get the invoice for this purchase2020-09-11T15:22:37+05:00

Please login to your account here and click Generate Invoice under Purchase History.

Is it possible to embed a Zoom Webinar with the plugin2020-10-07T22:43:02+05:00

Yes, it is possible. Please view this blog post to see how you can embed a Zoom Webinar.

Fail to Join the Meeting Error2020-08-06T16:26:05+05:00

This error shows up when another meeting or webinar is already in progress under that particular Zoom host. Zoom does not allow you to enter multiple meetings as a host. Make sure you end the other meetings or webinars before entering a new one as a host.

How to upgrade my license plan2020-08-05T00:08:24+05:00
  1. Register/Login to your account from here.
  2. Visit my account page from here.
  3. Here click on View Licenses under Purchase History.

  4. Here click View Upgrades and upgrade to your preferred plan. Once an upgrade has been chosen, you will proceed to the checkout screen where you can complete your purchase.

There is a Time-Based Proration for the license upgrade explained below:

Example: A customer purchased a Single Site license for Product A for $89 on October 1, 2017. On March 1, 2018 the customer upgrades their license to 2-5 Sites which is $129. The price difference is $40 and there are 6 months left in their current subscription. The customer will pay $20 to upgrade. On October 1, 2018, the subscription will renew and the customer will pay $129 for Product A (2-5 Sites) and have an active license key until October 1, 2019.

Note: The expiration date of the license will not change; an upgraded license will still expire on the original expiration date

Can I use this plugin with a Free Zoom account2020-07-10T20:58:25+05:00

Yes, the plugin does not require a paid Zoom account and works with a free account. However, the limitations applied while using a Free Zoom account would apply while using the plugin. i.e 40 min duration for all meetings.

Is it possible to add multiple Zoom API Keys2020-06-25T11:54:54+05:00

Right now it's not possible to do so.

After adding a new user, the email to confirm is not sent2020-06-25T11:54:06+05:00

If you are on a free Zoom plan you must add a CC in your Zoom account to activate the User management section.

Is it possible to create recurring meetings2020-07-08T04:01:04+05:00

Yes. you can enable this feature in the plugin with this addon.

Zoom windows says The server encountered an internal error and was unable to process your request. Error 30012021-08-10T20:25:50+05:00

This error usually points to more than one Zoom meeting window opened at a time in the browser. If you see this error make sure there is only one tab in your browser that opens the Zoom meeting window and refresh the page again after closing additional tabs.

How to restrict access to the Zoom meeting page2021-08-03T13:53:34+05:00

It is possible to restrict access to the Zoom meeting, all you need to do is place your meeting shortcode located under (Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Using Shortcodes) to pages that have restricted access configured by your membership plugin.

  1. Here is an example of restricting a page with the Restrict Content Pro plugin.
  2. Another example of restricting access specifically for a meeting is to "enclose" it in a restricted content shortcode using the parameters offered by the membership plugin. In this case, Memberpress.
[mepr-active ifallowed="show" membership="membership_id" unauth="message" unauth_message="Restricted members only content"]

[zoom_api_link meeting_id="your_meeting_id"]

How many participants can join the meeting using this plugin2020-03-13T20:33:08+05:00

The no.of participants depend on your Zoom account type and not the plugin. The Basic(free) account type allows up to a max of 100 participants in one meeting.

Will this plugin slow down the site or requires any additional server resources2020-07-16T20:50:17+05:00

No, it won't slow your site because it is not using the resources of your server rather it's using the Zoom platform to render the meeting window. The load on your server will be similar to a normal page visit.

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