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Zoom WordPress Plugin (Free Download)

Create your Zoom meetings from the WordPress dashboard and conduct meetings directly on your WordPress page by simply using a shortcode. The Zoom WordPress plugin gives you the ability to conduct on-site Zoom meetings without the need for downloading the Zoom App.
Note: This Zoom WordPress plugin is not similar to Video Conferencing with Zoom API developed by Deepen Bajracharya. This is an extended version and you must disable the previous one to avoid any conflict errors.

Now let’s dig into the features that are bundled with Zoom WordPress plugin

1) Zoom Video Conference on WordPress page

This plugin allows your website users to join the meeting straight from your WordPress page. The plugin provides a Zoom App link and an alternative join from browser link above the Zoom window in case, the Zoom window doesn’t work for a user on their specific device or browser. Check the limitations of the plugin for more info. You can use this shortcode to embed the Zoom window on any page/post
[zoom_api_link meeting_id="your_meeting_id_here" title="Your page title"]

The buttons above the Zoom window on frontend can be hidden via the plugin settings option under Zoom Meetings -> Settings.

2) Meeting countdown

You can schedule your Zoom meetings from the WordPress dashboard via this plugin and users will see a countdown timer on the page where the shortcode is added before the meeting starts.

Zoom WordPress Plugin Meeting Countdown

3) All Zoom Video Conferencing Features

This plugin enables you to use all the features provided by Zoom for video conferencing i.e

  • Joining the conference via phone.
  • Video conference option.
  • Lock the meeting via Zoom option and prevent other participants to join.
  • Manage participants: mute, remove, invite participants.
  • Live chat: private and group chat.
  • Allow screen share for only host or all participants.
  • Full screen distraction free mode.
  • Ceeate breakout rooms to distribute meeting participants.
  • Make a user host or co-host from Participant’s view.
    Zoom video conference WordPress with Char

4) End or Resume Meeting

The plugin allows the admin to end or resume the meeting right from the WordPress dashboard. Once the meeting is ended the users will see a meeting end notice on the meeting page.
Zoom Meeting List

5) Set a Meeting Password

The plugin will allow you to set a meeting password while creating the meeting from WordPress dashboard. This option can be very useful if you want only specific users to join the meeting who can enter the password on the meeting page.
Zoom Meeting Add password


  • Compatible with latest WordPress version and LearnDash 3, the most trusted WordPress LMS plugin with an awesome and vibrant commnity on Facebook

  • Enables direct integration of Zoom on WordPress

  • Enables all video conferencing features of Zoom

  • Fully compatible with Zoom API

  • Provides shortcode to conduct the meeting on any WordPress page/post or custom post type like a LearnDash course page

  • Separate Admin area to manage all meetings

  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets. (support for IOS devices is not available because of Apple’s policy to disallow loading of content from a third party, in this case, Zoom )

  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite

IMPORTANT: Plugin Prerequisite

To use this plugin you will first need to obtain the API KEY and API SECRET KEY from Zoom. Follow this guide to get these values from your Zoom account to enter them on the plugin settings page

Plugin Video Guide

Limitations Of This Plugin

  1. Joining the meeting directly from the WordPress page does not work for IOS devices because Apple doesn’t allow loading of an external iframe, therefore, the plugin provides a Zoom app link on the page for users to join meeting via Zoom App in case it doesn’t work on their specific device.
  2. The Zoom webinar module is not supported in this plugin.
  3. This plugin only supports the features that are supported in the web client of Zoom. The features that are specific to the Zoom App are not supported via this plugin as they are available only in the Zoom App.
  4. Check the browser compatibility/limitations for this plugin based on the Zoom web client here.


How do I disable google recaptach and header inside Zoom window2020-06-03T16:40:41+05:00

The Recaptcha can not be disabled as it is directly coming from Zoom. The header can be turned to a mobile header with fewer elements if the window size is reduced from the settings globally(Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Change Dimensions of Zoom Meeting Window) or directly from the shortcode.

Is it possible to create recurring meeting2020-05-13T01:56:08+05:00

No, this feature is not yet provided in this plugin. However, you can create a recurring meeting from your Zoom account under meetings.

Is meeting gallery view supported in this plugin2020-05-13T01:54:55+05:00

No, Zoom does not allow the gallery view in the web version of Zoom. It’s only possible to use this feature via the Zoom App

Zoom windows says The server encountered an internal error and was unable to process your request. Error 30012020-03-21T00:21:15+05:00

This error usually points to more than one Zoom meeting windows opened at a time in the browser. If you see this error make sure there is only one tab in your browser that opens the Zoom meeting window and refresh the page again after closing additional tabs.

How to protect the Zoom meeting page access2020-03-20T04:30:40+05:00
  1. You can add the shortcode on a protected page that only your paid members can access. This can be achieved via a membership plugin in WordPress.
  2. You can add the shortcode on a page that is only accessible to users once they make a payment on your site. This can be achieved in multiple ways via a shopping cart plugin.
Audio/Video not working in Zoom meeting2020-03-20T04:22:40+05:00

Please check this post for details on the Audio/Video issues in Zoom meeting

How to resize Zoom window displayed by the shortcode2020-04-30T17:39:52+05:00

From your WordPress backend navigate to Zoom meetings -> Settings -> Change Dimensions of Zoom Meeting Window
Change the width and height of the Zoom window according to your preference.

How many participants can join the meeting using this plugin2020-03-13T20:33:08+05:00

The no.of participants depend on your Zoom account type and not the plugin. The Basic(free) account type allows up to a max of 100 participants in one meeting.

Will this plugin slow down the site or requires any additional server resources2020-03-12T14:31:18+05:00

No, it won’t slow your site because it is not using the resources of your server rather showing the meeting window directly from Zoom.

The plugin displays a meeting link and not the Zoom window as shown in screenshots2020-03-12T14:30:12+05:00

Please note that Zoom Integration With WordPress is an extended version of the free plugin Video Conferencing with Zoom API by Deepen Bajracharya which shows a Zoom meeting link instead of the embedded Zoom window. Please deactivate this plugin and install my addon from here. You need to check out from the site to download this addon.

Fatal error when activating the zoom plugin2020-01-08T04:56:59+05:00

I am getting a fatal error with your Zoom plugin: Fatal error: Cannot declare class Video_Conferencing_With_Zoom, because the name is already in use

Are you using this plugin along with the Zoom plugin? If so, please disable it first, as this plugin is an extended version of Video Conferencing with Zoom API and cannot be used together with it.

Plugin updates

See all the important updates related to the plugin here

Plugin demo

Want to see the plugin in action? We’ve got that covered too!

  1. Join the Zoom meeting here to see how it works on a regular WordPress page.
  2. Join here to see the plugin in action in a LearnDash LMS focus mode configuration.

Download for free

IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not guarantee to provide individual/dedicated support for the Free version of the plugin. We only offer support for bug fixes in the plugin (i.e not specific to your site but general issues for all plugin users)

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Zoom Video Conferencing on WordPress
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
Apr 8, 2020
by Hasan Topkaraoğlu on Zoom Video Conferencing on WordPress
Great plugin

Great plugin For WordPress users

Mar 21, 2020
by Priten on Zoom Video Conferencing on WordPress
Adeel is beyond awesome!

Adeel is beyond awesome! He is the most responsive developer of a free plugin I have ever seen and knows what he is doing. He has released more releases in one week of a plugin than most people do in years.

I can’t wait to keep working with him and I encourage everyone to support the development of his plugin to make sure that his hard work and dedication and just pure skill are rewarded and compensated.

Thank you Adeel for everything you do for us!

Nov 22, 2019
by Ingo Ahnfeldt on Zoom Video Conferencing on WordPress
That's what you need

You like to do Zoom Calls?
You would like to use Zoom inside your Membership Areas with your Customers?
Then I have good news for you!
The WordPress Plugin “Zoom Video Conferencing on WordPress” makes it possible.
You think it is complicated to configure the settings? No it is very easy.

There are only some steps in the configuration. After that you can easy create zoom calls inside your WordPress Admin Panel. There you create a WordPress Shortcode that you paste in your protected Page inside your WordPress Membership (or anywhere else on your Website).

All Members doesn’t have to install zoom. Everything is possible on your website.
If you now ask yourself how much you must pay for that great and helpful plugin, then I ask you at first:
How much would you pay, if you have an easy way to do live Webinars with one or more of your Members in the easy way?
I think it is priceless!

The good news: It does not cost you anything.
So give it a try ;-)

Nov 5, 2019
by Asaf on Zoom Video Conferencing on WordPress
Great addition to any business WP based website

Just a quick note that I downloaded and tried Adeel Raza Zoom Integration plugin, and it works perfect.

I had some issues with its settings (mainly because of me), and Adeel was very helpful, and even updated the plugin on the go to fit my needs (RTL support and Hebrew translation, that I sent him).

I started offering this plugin to my clients, and they are very keen about it.

Great job here, Adeel

Nov 3, 2019
by Charles on Zoom Video Conferencing on WordPress
Pretty clever

Keeps people inside your site instead of directing them away to the zoom site - for me that's a great feature

By |2020-05-23T02:09:31+05:00October 24th, 2019|38 Comments

About the Author:

This is Adeel, the author of the popular LearnDash myCRED integration addon and Adaptive Learning with LearnDash. Former BadgeOS contributor and Ninja at WooNinjas. I have been working as a web developer for the past 7 years, providing clients with quality solutions for their web applications. I am passionate about applying the principles of progressive education to online learning and I believe e-learning should evolve according to the learning paradigm of the 21st century


  1. Vincent Herregat 27th April 2020 at 12:35 am - Reply

    Hello, there is an issue for me:

    (index):527 Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://mylockdownbar.com/bar/paris-rue-des-masques-44-cuisine-et-cocktails-avec-vincent/’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure frame ‘http://zoom.us/wc/join/9656489437?tk=&prefer=1&track_id=&meeting_result=&jmf_code=&wpk=&_x_zm_rtaid=nw1o248GTGWQulEA3bSBNg.1587929569119.0e288f4d9e9d2d3189d9a1da85f006df&_x_zm_rhtaid=479’. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

    • Adeel Raza 27th April 2020 at 3:41 pm - Reply

      Please install a valid SSL certificate on your site.

  2. Yang 23rd April 2020 at 5:50 pm - Reply


    Thanks for providing this plugin, which is really useful!

    I just have three questions about this plugin.

    1. There is any way to schedule a recurring meeting within this plugin in WordPress?
    2. Any way to set the option for “Waiting Room”?
    3. Any way to set up the virtual background?


    • Adeel Raza 23rd April 2020 at 6:04 pm - Reply

      Glad that it’s helpful, unfortunately, none of these options are possible from the plugin right now but can be set from the Zoom account.

  3. Trevvor L. 21st April 2020 at 10:01 am - Reply

    Awesome Update! I love how I can integrate users now, keep up the awesome work Adeel! It’s a very simple setup and easy to teach to my team :)

    • Adeel Raza 22nd April 2020 at 10:12 pm - Reply

      Thanks for your feedback. Glad that it’s working out for you.

  4. giacomo fabbrocino 18th April 2020 at 3:52 am - Reply

    I am expermimentig with your plugin in order to understand if I could use it together with Learndash for some live classes.
    It seems pretty nice, but I have two little doubts I hope you can solve:

    Hi, I’ve read your post about using multiple users, but I guess it does not fit my scenario.
    I’ve bought two Zoom Pro Accounts, in order to have two teachers manage independently their classes, but the plug-in only allows using one api key at a time, so I cannot use my two accounts on the same website.
    My guess is that your post is about adding users with the Zoom Business Accounts, which allow 10 or more hosts on the same account, with, I think, the same api keys.
    Am I right?

    You said that there is nothing you can do abut the need to log in into zoom for “students” who use the web client. But “the other plugin” lets students use the web client without the need of a Zoom Account. Even though “the other plugin” doesn’t embed the client, but launches it in a new browser tab. Have you checked that out?

  5. Bhau Bhau 18th April 2020 at 12:36 am - Reply

    Hi developers,
    I am getting this error while adding a meeting. Please give me a solution. thanks
    Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: DateTimeZone::__construct(): Unknown or bad timezone () in C:\wamp64\www\hosting4wordpress\wp-content\plugins\wp-zoom-addon\classes\class-zvc-zoom-admin-meetings.php on line 150

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