Project Quote

Please click the checkout button below to proceed with the payment of 2 hours($45/hr) for the Project Quote. You will be updated with an estimated quote for your project after purchasing this product. Please note that it can take 24-48 hrs to analyze the requirements and come up with an estimated quote for the project.

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Support Zoom Development

As requested by users, this page provides you with an option to support the plugin development of the Free Zoom WordPress Integration. You can select as many blocks of $50 as you like to show your support and appreciation for the effort and then click the Support button below.

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Zoom Integration With WordPress

Zoom Integration With WordPress (Free Download) Create your Zoom meetings from the WordPress dashboard and conduct meetings directly on your WordPress site by simply using a shortcode. Zoom Integration With WordPress is an extended version of the free plugin Video Conferencing with Zoom API by Deepen Bajracharya. My plugin enhances this free plugin with [...]

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Hire Me

Hire Me You can simply purchase the number of development hours from below with a rate of $55/hr. Once your payment is confirmed I will contact you to discuss your changes and will begin working on your project. If you want to discuss your project first then contact me here [...]

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LearnDash myCRED integration add-on

LearnDash myCRED integration add-on LearnDash myCRED integration add-on offers an amazing combination of features between two of the most popular plugins. It integrates the point management features offered by myCRED with the LMS plugin LearnDash to enable site-administrators to reward their users with myCRED points on specific LearnDash triggers and actions. By using [...]

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Adaptive Learning With LearnDash

Adaptive Learning With LearnDash What is Adaptive Learning? The concept of Adaptive learning comes from the progressive educational model where the underlying idea is that “every student is unique”. In other words, you cannot have the same learning path for every student because each one of them has unique skills and capabilities. Therefore, every [...]

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