Havoc Shield


Our collaboration with Brain Fritton from Havoc Shield resulted in enhancing the Uncanny Groups plugin for LearnDash, streamlining the management of group enrollments and module assignments. By automating the enrollment of group members in selected courses and sharing module progress among members, we ensured a seamless learning experience. Customizations to the Uncanny Toolkit course [...]

LearnDash Retake Quiz


LearnDash Retake Quiz is an add-on that will override the default behavior of how the retake quiz feature is implemented in LearnDash. By default, when someone retakes the course they have to take all the questions again.However, using this add-on will override the behavior, by showing only the questions which weren’t answered correctly by the [...]

Reauthoring Teaching


This was an existing LearnDash site with some issues and the client needed a solution for these problems.   Problem: For past courses, registrants would sign up for the webinar with a gravity form and then I have to manually add this to the calendar.Our Solution: We set up the Learndash/Espresso integration plugin provided [...]



A heavily customized LearnDash project where the course, lesson, and quiz pages were all modified according to the client's requirement, the site offers jumper training to students. Custom triggers were developed to mark the courses complete for students, custom user profiles, custom reporting, and custom admin screens to mark and grade users. The site was [...]

CGHR training


This project had 2 main parts.Requirement #1: Create a quiz that can randomly select questions from a bank with multiple categories and sub-categories so that learners can get an exam that is a mix of questions on various topics and with varying difficulties.Solution: LearnDash does not offer a subcategory field for quiz questions by default [...]

Champion College Services


Developed a customized LMS and membership site for Champion CollegeServices, INC which is well-recognized and trusted as a student loanrepayment expert that has provided a FREE service to students. The projectincluded extensive customization to the membership plug-in used on the siteto offer customized benefits to the subscribers on subscription. It includedthe integration between LearnDash and [...]

LearnDash Student Voice


The problem with Online Learning Systems One of the biggest challenges in E-Learning today is to improve user engagement and completion rates. The average MOOCs course completion rates lie somewhere between  5-15 percent. Now the question is, what makes a learner engaged or unengaged? How do we make sure learners stay engaged and involved, especially [...]

Adaptive Learning With LearnDash


This addon applies the concept of adaptive learning to LearnDash and enables admin to design courses in a non-linear fashion by defining course levels, different child courses can be to the students based on the percentage score and performance in the quiz/quizzes of the prerequisite course. LearnDash already provides the option to make prerequisite courses [...]

LearnDash myCRED integration addon


LearnDash myCRED integration add-on offers an amazing combination of features between two of the most popular plugins. It integrates the point management features offered by myCRED with the LMS plugin LearnDash to enable site-administrators to reward their users with myCRED points on specific LearnDash triggers and actions. By using this addon you can: Award Points [...]

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