Zoom WP Plugin Changelog

4.3.0 AUGUST 4, 2020

  • Added: New option in meeting settings as “Assign Latest Recording Type” to manually assign cloud recording for the meeting
  • Fixed: Cloud recording type not mapped to the meeting on recording complete event
  • Fixed: Black bar area below the participant video on specific screen resolutions
  • Fixed: Layout issue with the meeting window on mobile and monitor screens

4.2.8 AUGUST 3, 2020

  • Fixed: Error in Auto join by LearnDash group

4.2.7 AUGUST 3, 2020

  • Fixed: Webinar attendees not able to receive host audio

4.2.6 AUGUST 2, 2020

  • Fixed: Error on Zoom Meeting page “You do not have access to view any Zoom Meeting”

4.2.5 AUGUST 1, 2020

  • Fixed: Webinar attendee is missing the host video

4.2.4 JULY 31, 2020

  • Added: Additional checks for App verification token validity
  • Added: Hide Join by audio for webinar attendees
  • Added: Start Webinar button on frontend for the Webinar Host
  • Added: Security checks for plugin meeting page

4.2.3 JULY 30, 2020

  • Fixed: Remove the meeting auto end job if a meeting is ended manually by the host

4.2.2 JULY 30, 2020

  • Added: Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> App Verification Token is now required to listen for Zoom events
  • Added: Show cloud recording instantly when its ready via Zoom event (Requires that Event subscription on your JWT app is setup)
  • Fixed: cloud recording not being displayed for certain meetings
  • Fixed: 404 not found message inside meeting window

4.2.1 JULY 29, 2020

  • Added: Store options in WordPress via webhook on Meeting/Webinar create outside of WordPress
  • Added: Support for Webinar with the Auto End meeting setting
  • Fixed: Incorrect meeting host displayed on edit meeting page
  • Fixed: Prevent Zoom users which are not the meeting host to start the meeting from WordPress
  • Fixed: Updated POT translation file for new translation strings

4.2.0 JULY 28, 2020

  • Added: New setting to enable logged in WP users auto-join meeting. Enable this option from Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Meeting Auto Join
  • Added: New setting to enable auto end meeting mode. Enable this option from Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Meeting Auto End
  • Added: Allow mapping of multiple Zoom hosts to a single WP user in Zoom Meetings -> Map Zoom Hosts (Requires that you map your WP users again & click Save mapping under Zoom Meetings -> Map Zoom Hosts for the new changes to work)
  • Added: Limit the auto-join meeting to ONLY the selected LearnDash group users for each meeting from Zoom Meetings -> Add Meeting -> Auto Join By LD Group
  • Added: Remove cache from WP site on meeting update/delete from Zoom App (Requires that Event subscription on your JWT app is setup)
  • Removed: Flush meeting cache. The meeting options cached in WP will sync automatically from changes outside of WP.
  • Modified: Default meeting duration set to 15 mins
  • Fixed: Allow Zoom Meetings -> Map Zoom Hosts to show all users(except for subscribers & customers)
  • Fixed: Allow Zoom Meetings -> Add Meeting-> Meeting Host to show all users(except for subscribers & customers)
  • Fixed: Updated POT translation file for new translation strings

4.1.1 JULY 24, 2020

  • Fixed: Incorrect meeting host selected for previous Zoom meetings
  • Fixed: After End meeting the page redirects to meeting join

4.1.0 JULY 22, 2020

  • Added: Ability to select a WordPress user as the Meeting host
  • Added: (Zoom Meetings -> Map Zoom Hosts) menu to map a Zoom host on your account to a WordPress user
  • Fixed: Disable invite to meeting button on Participants screen

4.0.2 JULY 18, 2020

  • Fixed: Error (Password wrong) when joining a Webinar from Join via Web
  • Fixed: Error (User email is required) when joining a Webinar from Join via Web
  • Added: New shortcode parameter (is_webinar) for fixing Zoom Webinar join errors. See Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Using Shortcode
  • Added: Pass WP user email along with username to Zoom when logged in
  • Added: New Meeting/Webinar Participants Report under Zoom Meetings -> Reports -> Past Meetings Report
  • Added: Allow setting global meeting & countdown title for all meetings
  • Fixed: Remove default title for Meeting and countdown
  • Added: Translation strings for Hebrew (Thanks to Barak Lieberman)

4.0.1 JULY 16, 2020

  • Added: Password authentication on join screen when password is set for a meeting
  • Fixed: Show meeting password field only when it is set on the meeting
  • Fixed: Allow site administrator(s) to join meeting as host
  • Fixed: RTL CSS issue for meeting countdown

4.0.0 JULY 15, 2020

  • Major upgrade: Replaced Zoom meeting window with the officially supported Zoom Web SDK for better integration with Zoom
  • Added: Disable invite link inside Zoom Meeting
  • Added: If the user is logged in, auto set WordPress user name as the meeting join name
  • Added: Link to redirect to meeting page if a user is not auto redirected after the countdown
  • Added: New option to enable waiting rooms in Add/Edit Meeting
  • Added: New option to enable Zoom authentication in Add/Edit Meeting
  • Fixed: Redirection to meeting page after countdown not working due to page cache


  • Added: Ability to let users play the latest cloud recording for the meeting. Read more
  • Added: Updated POT file with translations
  • Fixed: Center align buttons above the Zoom window


  • Fixed: Start meeting button for host on meeting page now starts the meeting within the Zoom window.
  • Fixed: Removed site wide license key notice
  • Fixed: Center align the Zoom meeting window


  • Added: License Key field in Zoom Meetings -> Settings. See Note for plugin licensing and auto update for existing users.
  • Fixed: saved button class does not display in plugin settings.


  • Added: Support for the new Recurring Meetings Addon
  • Added: Extensions menu to show the list of available addons for the plugin
  • Added: Spanish translation files thanks to Sebastian Fell
  • Added: Show warning when Zoom API Limit is reached



  • Added: Flush Meetings Cache link on backend meetings list


  • Fixed: Incorrect meeting countdown when meeting created from Zoom account
    (Note: please update the meeting from plugin backend if the meeting time is updated from Zoom account to sync the meeting time)


  • Fixed: Adjustment issue with custom width height


  • Fixed: Meeting countdown layout on LearnDash focus mode
  • Fixed: Meeting countdown not showing up when meeting created from Zoom account
  • Added: UI improvements for the meeting window and the links above
  • Added: Ability to set width and height in shortcode for each meeting (width and height set on shortcode will take precedence over global width and height set in the plugin settings)
  • Added: Countdown title on the meeting page
  • Added: Ability to change the meeting coutndown title from the shortcode
  • Added: Portuguese (Brazil) translation files thanks to Wanilton Campos


  • Added: Ability to add multiple meeting countdowns for different Zoom meetings on the same page
  • Fixed: Subscribe to updates plugin setting not working
  • Fixed: Blank screen on meeting join page, changed the workflow of joining meeting from frontend according to Zoom updates.
    Please change the Zoom meeting window size accordingly from Zoom meetings -> Settings -> Change Dimensions of Zoom Meeting Window


  • Added: Meeting password option on step 1 of the meeting page
  • Added: Helpful error messages incase the API Keys are entered incorrectly or error from Zoom API
  • Added: Helpful messages with meeting fields on create/edit meetings
  • Fixed: Prevent Zoom password screen on step 2 after entering name
  • Fixed: Zoom added a new setting to prevent login for participants before joining meeting. More details here


  • Added: Zoom services status check link in plugin admin pages
  • Fixed: Typo in alternative host field message on meeting add/edit


  • Alert: Zoom web client is down and shows a 403 Forbidden error, the issue is already reported on Zoom forum
  • Fixed: Prevent blank screen due to fatal error on activating base plugin along with this plugin
  • Fixed: README.md updated for working with Git repository, a Git repo is created for the plugin for version tracking and bug reporting via Github.
    Please report the bugs and issues from now on the Github repo here
  • Fixed: End/Resume Meeting button on backend meeting list now ends/starts Zoom meeting
  • Fixed: Add browser compatibility for fullscreen option in Zoom meeting window
  • Fixed: Report Functionality fixed for Viewing All Meetings Report
  • Added: Display meeting status on meeting list page
  • Added: Helpful notes pointing to Prerequisites of User management & Reports section
  • Added: Option to Subscribe for Important updates from Zoom Meetings -> Subscribe
  • Added: Translation files to translate text in Italian (translation credits: Antonio Graziano).
  • Added: Added Option to manage Width and Height of Zoom iFrame Window through Zoom Meetings ->Settings.


  • Fixed: (The most requested one) Zoom Join Via App link not working
  • Added: (The most requested one) The ability for Host/Co-host to join the meeting from the plugin Zoom window
  • Added: Support for Alternative Host to start the meeting like a Host (Not tested)
  • Added: Re-Enabled the user management section in the plugin to give the ability to create Alternative hosts from the plugin.
    Please note that in order to use the plugin’s user management area you should be able to access this link from your Zoom account (https://zoom.us/account/user)
    It is accessible only for Free account(with Credit Card added), Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account
  • Trick: Recieved a lot of requests from users about the ability for Co-Host to start the meeting without the HOST.
    This can be done by checking -> Join Before Host check on the plugin Zoom meeting edit page.
  • Added: Option to add your theme specific CSS classes to buttons from plugin Settings
  • Added: Ability to change text on the alternative meeting button from plugin Settings



  • Fixed: Added work around for the Chrome incompatibility issue preventing Zoom window to work on WordPress page
  • Added: Added option to disable plugin link share notice on admin
    Full details about this release here


  • Added: Add Chrome incompatibility notice above meeting window and alternative link to join meeting
  • Added: Option on settings page to enable/disable notice text above Zoom window
    Full details about this release here


  • Added: Option on settings page to enable/disable help text above Zoom window
  • Added: Show Zoom window shortcode on adminn Zoom meeting edit page
  • Fixed: Prevent plugin assets loading on all frontend pages
  • Fixed: Replaced fatal error displayed on plugin activation due to previously installed basic version with helpful text


  • Fixed: Timeout issue on plugin page and fix slow loading backend


  • Added: Translation files to translate text in Hebrew (translation credits: Asaf Epshtain)
  • Fixed: Make text translatable on settings page


  • Added: Support for RTL language.
  • Added: Zoom API keys generation link on the settings page.
  • Fixed: The meeting countdown timer is now compatible with RTL languages.


  • Added: Multi lingual support in the plugin.
  • Added: Translation files to translate text in Dutch (translation credits: Ingo Ahnfeldt)


  • Fixed: Styling issues on mobile & tablet devices.
  • Added: Download Zoom App links incase Zoom meeting window doesn’t work.


  • Fixed: Styling issue for Zoom window on mobile.
  • Added: Support for joining meeting directly from WordPress page on mobile/tablet
  • Added: Show Zoom App download buttons on mobile/tablet


  • Added: Support for restricting access to logged-in WordPress users
  • Fixed: Redirect users to join the meeting page directly without clicking “join from the browser” in the Zoom window.

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