Zoom WordPress Integration v3.1.2

First of all, apologies for the issues that you faced in the earlier updates and the problems due to the Chrome browser update. There is an immense work load and I am trying my best to resolve all the issues ASAP. Your patience is highly appreciated. This version update fixes the most requested fixes and adds some helpful options for users.

  1. Join via Zoom App link is fixed with this update. It gives the participant the ability to join via Zoom App.
  2. The meeting host is now able to join the Meeting from the same window as the meeting participant. The only additional step is that the host will see a button to start the meeting incase the meeting has not started yet.
    IMPORTANT: There is one trick to start the meeting without the Host clicking the Start meeting button. Checking this option will allow the meeting to be started as soon as the first particiant joins the meeting. The updated version also support a Co-Host or an alternative host associated with the Zoom meeting to start the meeting instead of the Host. However, The ability to allow a alternative or Co-Host to start a meeting instead of the Host requires that both are on the licensed account. More details here Please note that the Co-Host/Alternative host option is not tested with the plugin.

  3. Ability to customize the buttons on the Zoom meeting page and update the text on the alternative join button. These two options have been added to the Settings.

I hope this fixes the critical issues that the users have reported and allows them to smothly continue their Zoom meetings via this plugin.
Stay safe, Cheers!

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