Zoom WordPress Plugin v4.10.0

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November 26, 2020

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Zoom WordPress Plugin v4.10.0

The Zoom WordPress Plugin v4.10.0 overcomes some of the previous limitations and introduces new features including a shortcode to embed any Zoom recording. Let's go through the main features unpacked with this update.

Embed Any Zoom Recording

A new shortcode is added to allow embed of any Zoom cloud recording of your meeting or webinar by using the shortcode [zoom_recording play_url='xx']
After selecting your meeting instance. you can get the play URL of your preferred recording type from your Zoom account.

Zoom Cloud Recording Play URL

This shortcode can be generated easily from a Gutenberg block or the classic WP editor.

Recording Start/End Time

This feature was requested by a plugin user here. It can be a really helpful addition if you want users to skip the unnecessary part of the recording from the start or end and move straight to the main content of your meeting recordings. These start and end time parameters can now be added in the recording shortcodes, see Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Using Shortcodes from your WP admin for usage instruction. It is also added in the Gutenberg block and the classic WP editor shortcode generator.

Display Recordings up to 3 months

The recordings displayed on the meeting page now show recordings that are older up to 3 months from the current date. Thereby, overcoming the previous 1-month limitation.

Zoom Cloud Recordings on Meeting Page

Limitation of Max 300 Users and Meetings

The previous limitation of displaying only a maximum of 300 Zoom users and meetings in the plugin is now removed. You can now view all the users and meetings on your Zoom account in the WP backend.

Disable Autoplay on Recording Video

A new option is added in the plugin settings to offer the ability to disable autoplay of the recording videos from Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Recording 

That's it! Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts or share your suggestions as a feature request for further improvements in the plugin.

If you do not see the update for the plugin please click this button and make sure to have a valid license key activated under Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> License Key.

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