Zoom WordPress Plugin v4.1.0

The v4.1.0 for Zoom WordPress Plugin adds some new capabilities to select a WordPress user as the Zoom Meeting host. The changes were aimed at allowing greater flexibility for admins to schedule meetings and allow users on your site to act as a meeting host.
The site admin can now select any WP user apart from the users with subscriber role(users registered from frontend) as the Meeting host under Zoom Meetings -> Add Meeting -> Meeting Host.

Note: The plugin allows logged-in administrator users on your site to join any Zoom meeting as a Meeting host.

Zoom Host Mapping

The update also adds a convenient option to map users on your Zoom account to users on your WP site. If a WP user on your site has the same email as the one added to your Zoom account(Zoom Meeting -> Users) then the user will act as a meeting host when they join the meeting from frontend while logged in. However, if the user registered on your site has a different email than the one added to your Zoom account then you can use the mapping feature in Zoom Meetings -> Map Zoom Hosts. You can associate any user from your Zoom account to a WP user which will enable your WP user to act as a host for the meetings under that Zoom account.

Map Zoom Hosts to WP users

In a multi-host environment, it is important to note that Zoom does not allow a host to conduct multiple meetings simultaneously. If you want to join a meeting as a host make sure there is no other active meeting going on under your account already from (Zoom Meetings -> Status) otherwise you can always join the meeting as a normal user by logging out of the WP site.

Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts & suggestions for further improvements in the plugin.

If you do not see the update for the plugin please click this button and make sure to have a valid license key activated under Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> License Key