Zoom WordPress Plugin v4.0.0

I am very excited to announce a major upgrade that is rolled out for the Zoom WordPress Plugin with the v4.0.0. This version replaces the Zoom meeting window with the Zoom Web SDK(which is officially supported by Zoom). This will allow a more closer integration with the Zoom platform on the web.

It is recommended that you update to this version on a staging site first considering that it's a major upgrade. Feel free to share your suggestions as I will be more than happy to hear your feedback for further improvements in the plugin.

Here is the changelog for this version.


  • Major upgrade: Replaced Zoom meeting window with the officially supported Zoom Web SDK for better integration with Zoom
  • Added: Disable invite link inside Zoom Meeting
  • Added: If the user is logged in, auto set WordPress user name as the meeting join name
  • Added: Link to redirect to meeting page if a user is not auto redirected after the countdown
  • Added: New option to enable waiting rooms in Add/Edit Meeting
  • Added: New option to enable Zoom authentication in Add/Edit Meeting
  • Fixed: Redirection to meeting page after countdown not working due to page cache

Check out the demo for the v4.0.0

If you do not see the update for the plugin please click this button and make sure to have a valid license key activated under Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> License Key