Zoom WordPress Plugin Pricing Update

The Zoom WordPress Plugin was released in October 2019 as a Free plugin to benefit as many people as possible. However, as you all know COVID19 has impacted businesses worldwide and we also had our share. There was an exponential increase in the no.of downloads of this plugin and consequently an ever-increasing support request, queries, and feature requests.

In order to keep up with this increasing demand and surge of support requests, we have decided to suspend the Free download of this plugin. It will now be available as a paid plugin. The users who have already downloaded the plugin can continue using it without interruption but they will have to purchase a license key in order to receive automatic updates for the plugin from now on(i.e after v3.3.2). This decision is aimed at providing better support for the plugin.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. If you have any queries, please reach out here.

– Adeel (Founder eLearning evolve)