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March 2, 2024

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Zoom WordPress Plugin is now acquired by WP Zoom LLC effective 2nd March 2024.
It's been a pleasure serving our valued customers since 2019 when we first introduced the initial free version of this plugin. The journey has been significant, and we're confident that the plugin is now in the hands of capable new owners who will lead its progress effectively from this point onward.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our loyal customers who have supported and encouraged us along the way, enabling us to continually improve. ❤️️

As we transition, our customers can expect some adjustments, particularly in how licensing and subscriptions are handled. Please take a moment to review the changes outlined below.

A Quick Recap


Important Notice For Existing Customers

The license keys, order details, and user information have been transferred to WP Zoomy to ensure a seamless experience for current users in managing their licenses. You can access these with the same login details and license keys as before. Rest assured, you will be able to use the same license key purchased on eLearning evolve without any issues.

Moving forward, tasks such as activation, deactivation, and updates will be handled through WP Zoomy's platform. This transition should not affect your usage; you can continue utilizing the license key as usual and receive automatic updates without any disruptions. Additionally, you will continue to receive the same developer support as per your current license plan from Zoomy.

Users With Recurring Subscriptions

Unfortunately, customers who purchased the plugin license key through a recurring subscription via PayPal or Stripe will be required to manually subscribe again with WP Zoomy at the end of their current recurring billing cycle. The subscription plan will be terminated at eLearning evolve from our end to ensure you are not charged on our platform.

Rest assured, WP Zoomy will notify you to renew your subscription using their payment system before your next renewal date.

New License Purchase

You can no longer purchase a new Zoom plugin license at eLearning evolve. We've set up a redirect to Zoomy for new purchases. For more information, please visit wpzoomy.com/pricing.

Are You Facing Any Challenges?

If you have any inquiries about this migration, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

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