Zoom Webinar on WordPress

This post will help you set up a Zoom Webinar on WordPress. It requires that you have purchased the Webinar addon from your Zoom account and installed the Zoom WordPress Plugin.

Steps to Embed Webinar on WordPress

  1. Schedule a Webinar from your Zoom account.
    Zoom Webinar Schedule
  2. Copy the Webinar ID as shown below.
    Zoom Webinar ID
  3. If you are embedding the Webinar shortcode directly on your page please make sure to add is_webinar=”1″ in the shortcode as indicated below.
  4. You can embed the Webinar easily with the Gutenberg block available with the plugin and place your Webinar ID inside it. If you are not using the default WordPress editor(Gutenberg) then you can see another option to embed the Webinar on your WordPress page in this post.
    Zoom WordPress Gutenberg block
  5. Navigate to the WordPress page where the Webinar was embedded with a logged-in site administrator or the meeting host(same WordPress login email as the Webinar host email). Click Join via Web if you want to start the Webinar as a host right from the WordPress site or click Join Via Zoom App to begin the Webinar from the Zoom App.
  6. Once started by the host the attendees can visit the page, enter their name, email, and click Join Via Web to enter it from the same WordPress page without the need for a Zoom app.
    Note: If the attendee is logged into the WordPress site then they will see the email field as that is prefilled with their WP login email.Zoom WP Plugin Webinar join page
  7. Once an attendee clicks the Join via Web they will see the Webinar window on the WordPress page.Zoom WP Plugin Webinar view

That’s it. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out here or comment below!