Zoom Integration With WordPress Important Update

First of all, I would really like to thank all of you for the overwhelming response and appreciation on the release of my latest plugin Zoom Integration With WordPress

There is more good news for all of you, I have released an update for the plugin with some cool fixes and features.

  1. The WordPress page with Zoom meeting short-code is now mobile & tablet friendly. There is no need to redirect mobile users to Zoom App. However, there is a particular restriction for IOS devices from Apple to disallow external Iframe, so it might not work on these particular devices but works fine for Andriod(mobile & tablet)Zoom Meeting on mobile
  2. For the help of users joining the meeting I have added a section above the Zoom window with helpful links to join meeting via App, if users are facing issues to join from the page(incase).
    Zoom meeting links
  3. There is no need of extra clicks & "join from browser" link, the short-code will now take the user straight to the join meeting page, this also fixes the issues with "join from browser" link not showing up on Firefox.
  4. Enforce login option on meeting dashboard is now integrated with WordPress. If you check this option then non logged in users won't be able to access your meeting page.
    Zoom meeting enforce login option

Thank-you once again to all of you, your feedback and response is very helpful for the development of this plugin so feel free to comment on the post.

View changelog on this link

Cheers :)

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