Zoom cloud recording in WordPress

UPDATE: v4.8.0 adds the ability to allow users to choose from past recordings up to 1 month from the meeting page, view details here.

The v3.4.0 of the Zoom WordPress Plugin introduces a new cool feature that can enable your site users to playback the most recent Zoom cloud recording in WordPress once the meeting is over. The host requires a Pro or higher level Zoom account to be able to use the Zoom cloud recording feature. This feature is not available with a free Zoom account.

The recording will start once the host clicks the record button, the recording is processed and saved only when the meeting is ended by the host. Please note that it takes a little while for Zoom to process the recording so the Watch Recording button will appear after the cloud recording is processed and made available by Zoom. If there are multiple recordings for the same meeting then the most recent recording will be shown to the users.

Here is a video tutorial to demonstrate how this will work.

An additional option is added in the plugin setting to disable the watch recording option if you would like to prevent this on your site.

Zoom WP plugin hide recording


Please note that only a Pro level Zoom account will be able to use the cloud recording feature from the plugin. If you are starting the meeting as a Pro user you will see a Record button inside the Zoom window. Once you click the record button the recording will be started for the meeting and once you end the recording you will receive an email from the user with the link for your Cloud recording.

Zoom WordPress Integration Cloud Recording

You can also view the recording from your Zoom account here,

Zoom Cloud Recording

I'll be watching out for your suggestions and feedback on this so be sure to leave your comments below!