Wondering how to get Zoom API keys or unable to see meeting host?

I have received some queries from WordPress Zoom addon users who were not able to generate their API keys properly or they can’t select a “meeting host” when creating a meeting after they enter their keys on the plugin settings page. Both of these issues are because of entering wrong API keys on the settings page.

WordPress Zoom addon plugin settings

WordPress Zoom addon plugin settings

Here is how you can properly generate the values for the API key and API Secret Key from your Zoom account to prevent these issues.

  1.  First of all login here with your Zoom account, If you dont have an account yet please signup here.
  2. Click on Develop -> Build app after signing in to Zoom marketplace and after that click on “create” under JWT
    WordPress Zoom addon API Keys step2
  3. Give any name to your JWT app.WordPress Zoom addon API Keys step3
  4. You will now be redirected to the App detail page once you click create on step3. Fill the required details on this page i.e Company name, developer name and email address.WordPress Zoom addon API Keys step4
  5. Once you fill the details on step4 and press continue you will be redirected to the App credentials section, here copy the API key and API secret key using the copy link and paste these values inside the fields on WordPress Zoom addon plugin settings page.WordPress Zoom addon API Keys step5

That’s it! You can now use the plugin. if you still face any problem feel free to comment below, I will be glad to assist.

Cheers :)

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