Zoom Integration with WordPress Shortcode not working after recent Chrome version update 80.0.3987.132

The problem

I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the recent Chrome update which breaks the functionality of the Zoom Integration with WordPress plugin shortcode which was responsible to show the Zoom meeting window directly on your WordPress page. This update has caused some technical issues with the usage of Iframe used for displaying the Zoom window on your WordPress page. The issue has already been reported as soon as I got to know about the issue here, I would request all the plugin users who are affected by this update to post on the same forum thread so that the fix is released by Zoom at the earliest and incorporated in the plugin.

Temporary solution

Meanwhile a temporary solution is pushed with the plugin update V3.0.9 and I would request all to update to this version. The only work around available as of now is to allow the users to join the meeting as a new browser window directly from Zoom. This will open the Zoom meeting in a new tab for the users, the meeting host will be able to start the meeting by clicking the same button.
Zoom incompatiblity error

Also, an option is added to the plugin settings page to disbale this notice block, If you want to. However, I would highly encourage to keep this notice enabled for now until a fix is pushed to resolve the issue.
Zoom incompatiblity error setting

If you don’t see the V3.0.9 update in your admin dashboard then please click this button from Dashboard -> Updates
WordPress updates check

Again I apologize for the inconvience caused by this update and I will try to release the fix as soon as this issue is addressed by Zoom.
Thankyou for your patience!