Resources for Remote Work

Are you a telecommuter, entrepreneur, or remote worker that has recently lost their job because of the COVID-19 outbreak? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans have suffered job loss, and that number continues to rise. Here’s the good news: It might require you to make some adjustments, but there are still jobs out there, many of which will allow you to work from home. If you need remote work during these difficult times, we invite you to check out the following resources as a starting point.

Getting New Remote Work

The first step of revamping your career will be to find new work.

  • Be sure to join online job boards if you are trying to build a freelance career.
  • If you’re looking to work as an employee, using a job search website might be your best move.
  • Setting job notifications on your preferred sites, networking online, and applying to jobs are important steps to take toward finding work amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Are you savvy with an in-demand craft or hobbies like photography or woodworking? Launch an LMS course or module with LearnDash LMS. This could launch a new career path altogether!

Tools Needed for Remote Work

As with any other type of job, having the right tools is key to succeeding at remote work.

  • You won’t be able to do much in terms of work without a trusty laptop.
  • Video conferencing software has become one of the most foundational tools for any type of remote work, and Zoom has proven to be the go-to for long-distance collaborators during the pandemic. Fortunately, we are offering a Zoom WordPress plugin that could enable you to hold online meetings directly on your WordPress site. The plugin eliminates the need to share links and passwords to virtual meetings, instead of allowing everyone to join meetings with a single click.
  • To work successfully with a team and to collaborate effectively means you will need to use a good team chat app.
  • As a freelancer, it’s important to keep cybersecurity top of mind when working remotely, so brush up on different approaches and consider additional training.
  • And of course, you will need a reliable way to store all of those files on the cloud!

Staying Focused

Once you begin to find work and gather the tools you need, find ways to stay focused so that you can produce quality work.

  • Where you work matters. When you work from home, having a dedicated workspace is crucial for minimizing distractions.
  • Establishing normal work hours, setting boundaries around your work time.
  • Try to work exercise into your daily routine.

Delegating Tasks

Finally, if there are tasks where you need help, look for ways to outsource them.

  • Your personal network and contacts can be your most valuable asset here. You can start with reaching out to people whom you already trust and ask them for your specific need, also be transparent, and let them know what can you offer them in return.
  • Hiring a web designer can get you a top-notch website and give you a competitive advantage while saving you time.
  • If you need help preparing your resume, work with a resume writing agency
  • For extra assistance in your job search, consider working with a recruiter.

These are difficult times indeed for a lot of American workers. But if you make adjustments and take other necessary steps, you can find opportunities to work from home. And you might even like your new work better than what you did before. Remember to be diligent and try to keep a positive attitude as you look to get back on your feet.
Best of luck :)