Project Description

This was an existing LearnDash site with some issues and the client needed a solution for these problems.


Problem: For past courses, registrants would sign up for the webinar with a gravity form and then I have to manually add this to the calendar.
Our Solution: We set up the Learndash/Espresso integration plugin provided by LearnDash to overcome this problem.


Problem: they wanted to set up two payment options (regular and fixed income/student)
Our Solution:
Configured courses to be sold through Events Espresso through the Learndash/Espresso integration plugin and using Events Espresso configured to create multiple tickets for the course so that we have a regular ticket for the regular student and a discounted ticket for fixed-income student.

Problem: The client needs a custom “buddy up for the course” feature. This is missing in LearnDash. This feature would allow the course registrants to know about the other people taking the same course and buddy up with any of them and take the course together.
Our Solution: We provided a custom solution where the course registrants could see other people taking the same course, and create a buddy-up request for any user they want. The user who received the request can accept it if he wishes, communicate with the user who sent the request through email, or not accept the request. If the user accepts the buddy request both the users shown on the course registrants list will be shown as buddied up and no one else can now send a buddy request to them.


Add Interactivity to Courses

The client needed a way to add interactivity to the courses to enhance user participation and interest in the self-paced learning courses offered on their site. By carefully examining their target audience and use case we integrated and configured tools like Flipgrid (an innovative video discussion board) and Padelts (an online softboard to organize ideas)
to take user engagement and interactivity to a whole new level. These enhancements significantly enhanced the learning experience for students, providing them with a novel way to express themselves.


peggy sax founder reauthor teaching

“I first worked with Adeel 8 years ago helping when he helped adminstrate my website including using LearnDash WP course plugin on my website. Since then, Adeel has been further developing his LearnDash expertise. Adeel was again tremendously helpful, this time integrating interactive spaces to bring students' voices into our self-paced asynchronous courses. I had already started using Padlets for text and images, and he helped me further integrate these into my courses. He also helped me hone in on Flip as an additional user-friendly option for adding video, and audio (including making mixed tapes that capture voices over time). We exchanged through email and screenshot video. He also easily made edits to my website, and I trusted him to do so. Thank you, Adeel for helping refresh my courses to build creative and interactive spaces based on advances in educational technology”