Project Description

The problem with Online Learning Systems

One of the biggest challenges in E-Learning today is to improve user engagement and completion rates. The average MOOCs course completion rates lie somewhere between  5-15 percent. Now the question is, what makes a learner engaged or unengaged? How do we make sure learners stay engaged and involved, especially when something more exciting is only a click away?

Grattan Institute research has found that well-implemented feedback systems can improve teacher effectiveness by up to 30%. An important part of this feedback system comprises of student surveys. Student feedback in the learning process can help teachers and educators to design a better curriculum and enhance student engagement.

A solution for LearnDash LMS

LearnDash Student Voice was built to address this problem. It can empower and engage your students in the learning process by turning them into active contributors for your LearnDash courses. This addon can be a very helpful tool for course creators to improve their course content by making learning a 2-way process and enabling students to contribute towards the improvement of your LearnDash course and share their real-time feedback on all components of the course.

The addon provides an option to display a contribution button on all your courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, assignments, essays, and even a certificate page where students can provide their feedback on the particular section. These feedbacks are displayed on the student voice dashboard inside the admin area. The students can be notified about their feedbacks and admins can approve a particular contribution. Once it is approved the student contribution will be listed on the course page. Consequently, this can encourage other students on your site to contribute to your courses as well.

This video is a complete plugin guide for LearnDash Student Voice. It explains all the configurations of this addon and how to use it.