Project Description

Our collaboration with Brain Fritton from Havoc Shield resulted in enhancing the Uncanny Groups plugin for LearnDash, streamlining the management of group enrollments and module assignments. By automating the enrollment of group members in selected courses and sharing module progress among members, we ensured a seamless learning experience. Customizations to the Uncanny Toolkit course grid plugin allowed group leaders to effortlessly assign modules to members, while AJAX implementation enabled real-time updates without page refreshes. Email notifications for module assignments further enhanced user engagement.

The customizations requested were quite complex and needed advanced WordPress plugin development.
Our adherence to WordPress development best practices ensured compatibility with existing plugins and maintained upgradability.


Brian Fritton about LearnDash Developer Adeel

“Just Wanted To Take A Moment To Recognize Adeel Raza For His Excellent Work. I hired Adeel for a few complex requirements working with not only LearnDash but a number of other related plugins that needed to be extended. His work was fast, up to WordPress standards, well-tested, and done at a fair price. He's also extremely communicative and flexible. I'd recommend him to anyone with serious LearnDash customization needs.”

Brian Fritton, Founder Havoc Shield