Project Description

This project had 2 main parts.

Requirement #1: Create a quiz that can randomly select questions from a bank with multiple categories and sub-categories so that learners can get an exam that is a mix of questions on various topics and with varying difficulties.Solution: LearnDash does not offer a subcategory field for quiz questions by default and to achieve such functionality we had to modify and override the plugin to offer a subcategory field while creating questions for the quiz. This subcategory field would work exactly as the category field provided by LearnDash. Also, we created a mapping page where the administrator would be able to map the number of questions to pick from the pair of categories and subcategories. Mapping page LearnDash question mapping page

Requirement #2: Have an Excel template that I can use to write the questions and all the supporting information (e.g. category) and then I can upload it into LearnDash so quiz creation can be faster and easier.Solution: Initially, we worked with an external LD import add-on to provide the desired functionality of being able to import a flexible XLS containing a flexible number of columns as per the client's needs. Later on, it was found out that the add-on wasn’t built with proper standards and was completely missing the flexibility desired, so we ended up re-writing the whole add-on again. We are now also planning on releasing this add-on as we have added a few features
The ability to import and export quizzes with questions and answers.
Ability to import and export Quiz Setting options.