Project Description

This addon applies the concept of adaptive learning to LearnDash and enables admin to design courses in a non-linear fashion by defining course levels, different child courses can be to the students based on the percentage score and performance in the quiz/quizzes of the prerequisite course.

LearnDash already provides the option to make prerequisite courses i.e assign a course as a dependency for other courses. Our add-on exploits this option and enables site admin to think about these prerequisite courses as “parent courses”, and the courses which will be assigned as prerequisites can be considered as “child courses”.
This add-on extends this ability by allowing the pass mark percentage to the results of a quiz to control access to a child course. We refer to these percentages as Course Levels and you can see how that works below.


  • Parent Courses:
    In Adaptive Learning With LearnDash, one needs to determine the behavior of each student and understand the learning pace/style of each student. To determine the behavior of the student the admin must create a parent/deterministic course
    in LearnDash. This will be a regular LearnDash course but It should be designed in a way to determine the level of student for the various child courses which will be assigned to a student based on the performance in this “parent” course.
  • Child Courses:
    LearnDash provides the capability to map any course as a prerequisite course. We will call this prerequisite course as our parent/deterministic course. The courses which will be assigned this prerequisite course will be called the “child courses”.

It was featured as the first video of 2019 by LearnDash

It was specifically acknowledged by Justin in his Facebook post in the group LearnDash LMS tips and tricks,

The addon is available on the WordPress repository and can be downloaded from here