Meeting Recordings in Zoom WordPress Plugin

The Zoom WordPress Plugin v4.8.0 update has added the support for displaying all the past cloud recordings up to 1 month for the meeting.

1) Select Cloud Recordings

The Recording button will display on your meeting page if it is not hidden from Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Visual -> Hide Cloud Recordings. If cloud recordings are available for your Meeting or Webinar than the user will be able to choose from the available recordings for the meeting. Not sure how it works? Check the blog for cloud recordings support with the Zoom WP plugin

Recordings in Zoom WordPress Plugin

2) Update Recordings List

If you have properly set up the events subscription for the plugin as indicated here then the above recordings list will be updated automatically once the meeting is ended and the recording is available from Zoom. The Assign Latest Recording option from the meeting edit page is removed as there is no need to assign the recordings per meeting after this update.

In case, the list is not updated automatically after the meeting ends then please click the Sync Meetings & Webinars button from the meetings list to sync the changes from Zoom to your site.
It takes a little while for Zoom to process the recording after the meeting ends, depending on the duration/size of your recording file. Therefore, please expect some delay for the recording to shows up on the list after the meeting ends.

Sync Meetings & Webinars

3) Customize Thank you Message

A new option is added under Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Visual to allow you to display a customized message after the meeting ends.

Zoom WordPress Plugin Thankyou Message

4) Fixed Issues with Sync Button

The sync button on the meetings list page was not properly removing the cached meeting options on the WP site. This is fixed with the update. The button will now clear the cache for all the Zoom Meetings & Webinars. If you face any inconsistency between your site and your Zoom account please use this button to sync the latest changes from Zoom. In order to sync the meetings list displayed on the page you will need to Select the Host from the dropdown as the button will sync the meetings list only for the Selected Host.
Note: If the event subscription is working properly on your site then you will not need to manually sync the changes from your Zoom account via this button.

That's It, any thoughts on this update? comment below or reach out here.