LearnDash LMS Features

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February 11, 2020

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LearnDash LMS Features

LearnDash is one of the most well-known and well-regarded LMS solutions. This post will cover the key LearnDash LMS features. LearnDash is reportedly used by Fortune 500 companies, major universities and training organizations, and entrepreneurs who publish learning content online. This LMS platform has become one of the market leaders in the e-Learning industry because of its wide range of features and flexibility to tailor and customize the platform according to specific requirements.

Who is using LearnDash already

  1. University of Michigan:
    When critical student skills are needed, the University of Michigan makes LearnDash their choice.
  2. OptinMonster:
    OptinMonster is used on 700,000+ websites for helping businesses turn their site visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales. To help their customers get the most out of their platform, OptinMonster turned to LearnDash for their LMS to deliver a series of courses teaching tips and tactics.
  3. Fortune 500 company Infusionsoft:
    Fortune 500 company Infusionsoft(now Keap) sells the world’s most popular marketing automation software for small and mid-market businesses. They needed a way to create effective, standardized training for internal employees and new customers. With the goal of reducing training overhead and decreasing new customer cancellations, they chose LearnDash as their course creation and learning management solution.

Key LearnDash LMS Features

  1. Modern LMS with Clean User Interface & User Experience
    LearnDash provides a modern user interface that is easy to use and convenient for the end user.
    LearnDash LMS clean user interface
  2. Simple Login and Registration for courses
    A simple interface to register/login to access the course.
    LearnDash Login and Registration
  3. Focus mode on course screen
    Focus Mode aims to eliminate distractions & streamline your user’s learning experience – increasing learning retention and completion rates.
    Focus Mode
  4. Intelligent Course Builder
    The simple drag and drop course builder page on the admin dashboard allows you to build multi-faceted course contents. You can break courses into lessons, categories, topics, quizzes.
    LearnDash LMS drag and drop course builder
  5. Advance Quiz Builder
    Advanced quiz builder functionalities are included out of the box. There are 8 question types that can be used namely single option, multiple options, matching, fill in the blanks, sorting question, matrix sorting question, free choice and essay. You can also set the timer for the quiz and send personalized messages to the performers.
    LearnDash LMS quiz builder
  6. Scheduling the Course Content
    Using LearnDash’s multiple scheduling options, you can display all the course content at a time, or the content can be scheduled at a particular day or after some days.
  7. Time Schedule for Lessons
    If you think that a user might take a long time or skip the content of the course, then you can set time for each lesson to prevent learners from jumping.
  8. Use of Dynamic Forums
    A course can have a dynamic forum created, and the users registered for that particular course can participate and talk with the other users of the same course. You can limit a participant only to the course he is learning.
    LearnDash froum
  9. Official Certificates and Badges
    After the course completion, or quiz performance or both, the official certificates can be awarded to the overall performers. Data like first and last name, Name of quiz or course, overall score, and many more details can be included on the certificates.
  10. Gamification
    As the course is being completed, the users get points based on the performance, and other courses can be unlocked using the points earned.
  11. User Profiles
    The users have the facility to look upon the courses that they are learning, get a clear idea about the progress and also print the earned certificates.
    LearnDash user profile
  12. Email Notifications
    With Learndash you can set up custom email notifications for course status and reminders that allows you to communicate with your course learners seamlessly.
  13. Group Management: All the learners taking up a common course can be organized in a group created by the LearnDash application. You can appoint a leader to manage all the progress and performance of the members.
  14. Student Progress Reporting
    LearnDash offers you the ability to create reports based on student enrollment, progress, and performances.
    LearnDash reporting
  15. Managing the Assignments
    Take assignments on a lesson or topic level, have them approved automatically or manually and award points based on the performance with Learndash’s inbuilt assignment management option.
  16. Expiration of the Access
    Customize course access which enables you to set expiration dates and times for each course.
  17. Freedom to Use any Media
    You can create course contents with the help of any rich media like images, videos, audio, and HTML files.
  18. Works Perfectly on Mobile
    LearnDash courses are compatible over multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
    LearnDash mobile view

Extend LearnDash LMS features

LearnDash comes with a decent feature set but sometimes it is not enough for this reason there are several third-party addons for LearnDash that add specialized features. One such really helpful addon that we would like to mention here is the Learndash Dashboard by Wbcom Designs. It provides a personalized frontend dashboard for Students, instructors, and group leaders to monitor and manage anything related to their LearnDash account.
Learndash Dashboard by Wbcom Designs

LearnDash LMS Demo

We have set up a basic demo of an LMS powered by LearnDash. See a demo course page in action.

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