2 years ago

On my membership site, I use a booking plugin called WpAmelia, which allows my users to reserve their spot for daily group meetings on Zoom.

For my use case, it is crucial that the Zoom WordPress plugin integrates with WpAmelia in order to access the exact Zoom meeting ID that the logged-in use registered for. This is needed because the Zoom meetings are created by Zoom through the Zoom-WpAmelia integration.

Once the Zoom WP plugin knows this data, the logged-in user will only be able to see the Zoom meeting window if they have an active registration for that meeting. Otherwise, they will be prompted to register.

This feature would be a game-changer for lots of memberhsip site owners hosting multiple meetings per day with multiple instructors, because they would be able to show all daily meetings held by each instructor on a single URL (each instructor/host will have their own URL) and the plugin would take care of showing the Zoom meeting window only to registered users.