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Please imagine the following scenario:
WP-Multisite, a school with faculties.
Each faculty has its own subdomain.
Buddypress is multisite enabled.
First of all, this means that every user can log into every faculty with their access data

However, students and instructors should not simply be able to access other faculties and log in.
Therefore, each faculty is delimited by different user roles for the students.
That works fine.

For this reason, each faculty has its own instructor role defined by me, such as

This means that the instructors can only access the backend of their assigned faculty.
Apart from that, none of the instructors have any other different characteristics that could be filtered.

However, the ZOOM add-on seems to be firmly set to the role of “Instructor” of the WISDM Lab plug-in.
Unfortunately, I cannot find any corresponding functional features in my User-Role Editor.

This means that all instructors from all faculties of the multisite must be assigned the role of “instructor”.

As a result, all instructors in each faculty can log into the backend.
I would like to avoid that.

My question:
Do you see a possibility to freely assign the functionality of the ZOOM addon to the different instructor roles for each faculty?