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I would urge moving this feature up the priority list because it can generate more ticket sales for every FooEvents customer.

One of the popular new sales driving tools on website are the active popups that indicate when a customer has purchased the very item you are browsing on a website. Very compelling and sort of generates peer pressure for the browser to make the purchase. Like this one: https://wpdeveloper.net/plugins/notificationx/

NotificationX - WPDeveloper
NotificationX - best WordPress marketing plugin to use advanced social proof strategy to boost sales conversion rates.
In the case of publishing a front end list of attendees that is updated in real-time, seeing the names of others populating the list would almost certainly encourage more ticket sales.

We are a non-profit and sensitive to user privacy related to this, so logically the ticket purchaser user would need to check a box to opt in to agreeing to have their name (perhaps only first name - state - country) displayed on front end as a registered attendee of the event. Several donation plugins work like this by allowing the donor to be anonymous when the amount they donate is published.

We have tested this concept of displaying respondents/registrants using Google forms and displaying the names of those who complete the form on the same page below the form and it really increased our number of responses.

Thanks for considering how this feature could help drive a financial benefit for all FooEvents customers by encouraging more ticket sales.

And EVERYBODY needs more ticket sales in this COVID environment.