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June 7, 2024

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In this tutorial, I'll guide you on how to create a custom registration form for LearnDash. By default, LearnDash doesn't offer a way to add custom fields to the registration form. However, with a simple free plugin called Advanced Custom Fields, you can easily customize the registration form to suit your needs.

  • No Code Required
  • No Paid Plugin Used In the Tutorial
  • Shows how to create advanced custom fields with tons of customization options for your LD registration form

Why Customize the LearnDash Registration Form?

Customizing the LearnDash registration form allows you to collect additional information from your students during registration. This can include any custom fields you need for your specific business logic. By adding these fields, you can better manage your student data and improve your overall user experience.

Steps to Create LearnDash Custom Registration Form

1. Install the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin

The first step is to install and activate the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. This plugin is available for free from the WordPress repository.

  • Download and Activate the Plugin: You can find the plugin in the WordPress repository. Download, install, and activate it on your site.
  • Access the ACF Menu: Once activated, you'll see a new menu called ACF in your WordPress dashboard.

2. Create Custom Fields

Next, you'll need to create the custom fields you want to add to your registration form.

  • Create a Fields Group: In the ACF menu, create a new fields group and name it according to your requirements.
  • Add Custom Fields: Within the fields group, you can add various types of fields such as text areas, URL fields, and more. ACF provides a range of field types from which to choose.
    LearnDash Custom Registration Form

3. Configure Field Options

While creating your custom fields, you can configure several options to tailor them to your needs.

  • Field Type: Select the appropriate field type for each custom field.
  • Field Label: Provide a label for each field.
  • Additional Options: You can make fields required, set character limits, and add placeholder text.

4. Set Location Rules

This is where the magic happens. To ensure your custom fields appear on the LearnDash registration form, you'll need to set up location rules.

  • Create a New Rule: In the location rules section, create a rule to display the fields on the user form.
  • Set User Form to "All": Ensure the rule is set to "User Form is equal to All".
    ACf Location Rules

5. Now Test Your LearnDash Custom Registration Form

After configuring your fields and location rules, save your changes and the fields created with ACF will magically appear on the LearnDash Registration form. No further step is required!

  • Save Changes: Click "Save Changes" to apply your new settings.
  • Test the Registration Form: Visit your LearnDash registration page to see the new custom fields in action.
    LearnDash Custom Registration Page

Viewing Custom Field Data in WordPress User Profile

Not only do the custom fields appear on the registration form, but they also show up on the user profile page once the user logs in. Additionally, administrators can view and edit these fields from the WordPress admin dashboard. The fields will also populate any values that the students have entered while submitting the LD registration form.

  • User Profile Page: Users will see the additional fields on their profile page.
  • Admin Dashboard: Administrators can view and edit custom field data by navigating to the "All Users" section and editing a specific user.
    LearnDash Registration Fields on User Profile

By following these steps, you can create a LearnDash custom registration form and collect additional information from your students. This customization enhances your ability to manage student data and tailor the registration process to your needs.

For further assistance with LearnDash customization or any other inquiries, feel free to reach out.

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