Audio and Video Issues in Zoom Meeting

If your Zoom meeting participants are facing issues with Audio or Video in Zoom meetings share this article with them to help them troubleshoot and avoid common mistakes. This guide assumes that you are using this Zoom WordPress Plugin on your site.

A valid SSL certificate should be configured on your site and the meeting page should be accessed via HTTPS + the device/browser should be supported by the Zoom Web SDK. Please also check the Zoom WP plugin limitations.

Highly Recommended:
It is recommended that you ask your users/students to use the updated version of Chrome browser because it works best with Zoom web client and Zoom recommends using it as well as the web client has limited support for browsers/devices at the moment. There is also another update released v3.1.1 to fix some of the Audio issues encountered in the Chrome browser.

  1. When you join a Zoom meeting you will see an option to join Audio by computer wait until the button is clickable and click this button to join the meeting via your desktop/android phone.

    Join audio by computer in Zoom

  2. Once you click this button you will be asked by the browser to allow the usage of the microphone. Click Allow to use the computer audio in the meeting.
    Important: It is possible that you dont see this popup and your browser is blocking access to the microphone and camera for the site, in this case, you won't be able to use the Audio/Video in the meeting to overcome this problem follow this guide. Double-check that a camera/microphone is allowed for the site by clicking the lock icon before the site URL.

    Allow access from browser for Zoom Audio

  3. This will also happen when you click Start Video. Allow camera as well to enable browser access to your camera/webcam.

    Allow access from browser for Zoom Video

  4. After this step, you might still not be able to properly use your Audio/Video in the meeting. In this case, please click the arrows next to Mute/Camera to select your particular device for the Audio/Video input. If the default ones do not work try changing the options or connect a headset/webcam to see if you can join through a different device.
    Switch devices for Zoom Audio/Video access

That's it for now, are you facing any issues after cross-checking all the above steps? Comment below I would love to hear your feedback or include more commonly occurring issues in this post!

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